Holosun 407c vs 507c

With our modern market, we have more options than ever- especially as gun owners. We have choices in optics, grips, attachments, and more. Sometimes it may feel like we have too many options.

When it comes to optics, you only want the best option for you. In your case, you might have to choose between a Holosun 407c and a Holosun 507c.

These two optics may have similarities, especially since they come from the same manufacturer. However, there are a few key differences that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the differences between a Holosun 407c and a Holosun 507c. Read on to learn more!

Holosun 407c vs 507c – Just How Similar Are They?


In many aspects, this pair of Holosun optics have more in common than they have differences. 

Of course, if you’re not picky, you could go straight for the price difference between the two- however, it may be in your best interest to make an informed decision before making any purchase.

How Durable Are They?

If you’re looking for durability, either of these Holosun optics is an excellent choice for your gun. Both the 407c and the 507c are notoriously durable red dot sights with solid, sturdy constructions. 

The 407c and 507c feature a sight casing made from 7075 76 aluminum, with a surface treated via anodization to help protect the optic screen from hostile elements.

This aluminum casing and sturdy build help the Holosun optics resist the recoil from powerful firearms, such as shotguns, pistol slides, and high-powered rifles.

Additionally, the Holosun optics are both waterproof within one meter of water.

While this waterproof defense means that the Holosun is safe for reliable use in damp conditions, it doesn’t mean that you should go around dunking your firearm in your pool.


However, durability is not the only common factor between these two Holosun optics. If you’re looking for optimal visuals, either optic is an excellent choice.

How Clear Are Their Lenses?

The Holosun 407c and 507c optics both offer a high level of lens clarity. There is a slight bluish tint on their lenses, but this should not be an issue for most people, as it is barely noticeable.

Both optics feature a large sight window, especially for their small size. The sight window is far more sizable than comparable reflex sights, making them a great option over competitors for visibility.


Brightness And Battery Lifespan

The longevity of these optics is, frankly, astounding. Both the Holosun 407c and 507c utilize a CR2032 battery with a lifespan between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.

You can certainly allow the battery to sit in your optic and get as much mileage out of it as possible, but all batteries become faulty with age, regardless of their remaining lifespan. 

To keep your optic in prime condition, consider replacing its battery roughly once a year. However, even this timeframe may be excessive- these optics feature a built-in solar panel for optimal energy efficiency.

To further extend your battery life, both optics feature an auto-shutoff feature after a period of inactivity. Once it senses any motion, it will turn back on.

Both models feature 10 adjustable brightness settings for daytime to easily identify your reticle in the sunniest environments. Additionally, they feature dual night vision settings to help use your firearm with peak accuracy in the dark.

Of course, you’ll always want some bang for your buck. Holosun knows this and has put an extra accessory in each of their 407c and 507c optics.

Accessories That Come With The Optic

Holosun is a good brand. Any good brand knows that you have to give your customers more than their money’s worth. 

Both the Holosun 407c and 507c come with a low mount designed for a Picatinny rail. This low mount is detachable, so if you want to take your optic off of a shotgun and put it on a pistol slide, then you can.

However, there are always differences between optic models. Let’s take a closer look at them.


How Are The Holosun 407c And 507c Different?

The Holosun 407c and 507c may seem very similar, but don’t worry- they’re ultimately different optics. Each model has differences that put them apart from the others.

For example, the 407c and 507c optics feature different reticles. Let’s take a closer look at these options.

Choices Between Reticles

The 407c optic features a traditional 2 MOA dot reticle- also known as a red dot sight. The 507c features more options, however, there is nothing wrong with a 3 MOA dot reticle. After all, they’re popular for a reason.

On the other hand, the 507c features three reticles that you may cycle between.

The first reticle is the traditional 2 MOA red dot sight. The second is a circle dot, which is a red dot surrounded by a 32 MOA ring. The third features a 32 MOA ring with no red dot in the center.

If you want options and accuracy, your best bet is the 507c. However, if you like simplicity, you may be happy with the 407c.

Ultimately, visibility and reticle variety are secondary concerns for most people. Many gun owners find one aspect more important than any other; price.


How Much Do These Optics Cost?

With the nature of the free market, there are no concrete costs for either reticle. The price of a 507c may be completely different in one store than in another and may be yet another price in an online store.

 Despite the wide variety in prices, the 407c and 507s maintain a similar relative cost. Ultimately, the 407c will regularly cost around 60-70 dollars less than the 507c.


With the nature of choice, there is no single optic that is better than the others. For example, you may like the utility of the 507c but dislike its higher cost.

Ultimately, nobody can definitively say that the 407c is better than the 507c or vice versa. However, with this information, you can make an informed decision for yourself.


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