Holosun 507K

Holosun is a major name when it comes to pistol optics. They offer a broad array of sights for your pistol. The two of the most common sights are the Holosun 507C and the Holosun 507K.



To help you decide which of these two sights is right for your gun, we’ve gathered more details so you can make an informed choice.

Holosun 507C vs Holosun 507K

Before determining which is the better sight between the two, it’s helpful for you to understand what categories we have evaluated. We have selected 7 major points to use for side-by-side comparison:

  • Cost
  • Size & Weight
  • Image Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Battery Life
  • Durability 
  • Eye Relief


This information will provide both the similarities as well as the major differences between these two sights. While we will lay out our recommendation for the overall better sight, that doesn’t mean the other doesn’t have its place. If there are only a few prerequisites you have, you will be able to easily make an educated decision with all these facts laid out before you.


money tag

Prices on these sights regularly fluctuate, typically within a few dollars range, so regardless of where you purchase yours, the prices will remain relatively similar. In this case, the 507C tends to cost approximately $10 to $20 more than the 507K. While this may not be a significant difference for some, given the current economic conditions, it can influence the entire decision for others.

We Like: 507K


Ease of Use

Both sights are designed for easy mounting, with the windage and adjustment dials of the 507C conveniently recessed into the housing to prevent any accidental adjustments.

An important factor to take into consideration is that the 507K does not have windage or elevation adjustment dials and requires shim adjustment to zero.

Both sights have a slide-out battery tray (on their side) for easy battery replacement, and they offer 12 daytime brightness settings and 2 night vision-compatible settings for versatility in any situation.

We Like: 507C

Weight and Size

picture of a scale

On this rare occasion, the sights have only a few similarities such as their small form factors and light weights. However, there are differences in their dimensions and weights.

The dimensions of the 507k are 1.6" long, 0.98" wide, and 0.95" tall, making it the smaller of the two. Additionally, it weighs only one ounce, meaning it will not significantly affect the balance of your pistol.

The 507C weighs 1.5 ounces, which is 50% more than its predecessor. This weight increase may have a noticeable impact on handling. Additionally, the 507C is larger, measuring 1.78" in length, 1.24" in width, and 1.54" in height. Another difference is that the 507C has a rounded top on the lens shroud, which may make it less suitable for concealment.

We Like: 507K


Durability picture

Holosun uses 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum to make the housing for their sights, making the sights highly durable and able to withstand various conditions. The only distinguishing factor between the two sights is that the 507k is slightly smaller in size, resulting in a slightly thinner overall housing.

For most shooters, this may not impact usage, but if you plan to use it on a duty weapon, you should consider this slight difference.

We Like: 507C

Image Quality


Both the 507K and the 507C have impressive image quality because they both have crystal clear glass without a noticeable blueish tint from high-vis coatings. While there is a subtle coloring, it is not distracting and you’ll stop seeing it soon enough.

Both models also include the Holosun Multiple Reticle System, providing users with three reticle options: a standard 2 MOA red dot, a 32 MOA ring reticle, or a ring and dot combination. The only distinction between the two models is that the 507K is available solely in red, while the 507C offers both a green reticle version and a red reticle version.

We Like: Both

Battery Life


Battery life is a notable feature of Holosun sights. When set to mid-range brightness, they have impressive battery life, and even longer when set lower. Both the 507C and 507K models use a single CR1632 battery, which offers an extensive 50,000 hours of operation at brightness #6, equivalent to approximately 5.7 years of continuous use.


Both optics have the Holosun Shake Awake feature, which automatically turns the reticle off after a period of non-use and back on when the pistol is picked up. The main distinction in battery power between the two sights is that the 507C has a small solar panel on the top of the optic, while the 507K does not.

The solar panel has multiple uses, including supplementing battery life and functioning as a backup.

In a well-lit shooting setting, the 507C can be switched to its solar setting to power the reticle using the panel instead of the battery.

It’s important to know that, if you have not replaced your battery for approximately six years, there is a high possibility that it may stop functioning while in use. In this situation, the solar panel can serve as a backup power source for your reticle, potentially saving lives.

We Like: 507C

Eye Relief

Eye relief is not typically a major concern with red dot or holographic sights because of their intended use. Both the 507K and the 507C offer infinite eye relief, allowing for comfortable sighting at arm's length without any need for adjustment or compromise in grip. This is important for maintaining a clear image during regular use.

We Like: Both

Our Verdict

When it comes to cost, both sights offer excellent performance for a very reasonable price. The two sights have a price difference of approximately $20, which is comparable to what some shops charge for shipping. Therefore, for practical purposes, they can be considered to have the same cost. 

They are both constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, making them waterproof and shockproof. Additionally, they both offer excellent image quality, ensuring that you don't have to compromise on your lenses regardless of your choice.

Both sights provide the Holosun Multiple Reticle System, offering three options for your reticle. The reticle has consistent battery life regardless of sight or brightness settings, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

The main distinctions lie in the size of the sights and their impact on your pistol.

This indicates that the optimal sight will primarily depend on the gun it is being mounted on.


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