Visibility is critical when using a firearm. A quality sight will improve your experience with the tool. This piece will cover everything you need to know about the iconic ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM to determine if it’s ideal for your life.


First, examine the available features in the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM. These features make the sight what it is, clarifying the vision and ensuring you have the best possible shot.


The ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM has an aircraft-grade aluminum housing. This material ensures the sight stays as safe as possible, protected from corrosion and outdoor elements. It won’t bend and break under harsh conditions.


The sight also provides an upgraded point-source emitter. This tool permits the source point to be as bright or dark as is needed, ensuring variations in the time of day don’t change the quality of the hunt. There are twelve brightness settings in the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM.


This item has a molded glass aspheric lens, providing better vision with high-performance coatings. With all those coatings, there is no distortion. The image you get is accurate and quick, allowing fast shots when necessary.


A ruggedized protective shroud exists in the box to keep the device as safe as possible. You can be sure there is durability with this product. It will last much longer than other sights on the market.


Here are a few additional features you will note on the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM sight:


  •   TruHold™ Lockless Zeroing System that utilizes twin adjustment springs designed to endure handgun recoil and return to zero shot after shot
  •   3 or 6 MOA red dot
  •   MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Illumination System) that powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not
  •   waterproof
  •   Easy access battery compartment
  •   SIG SAUER® Electro-Optics Infinite Guarantee™ and SIG SAUER Electronic Component Limited 5-Year Warranty
  •   CR1632 battery


These work to create the best possible visibility when out on the hunt.


There are tons of excellent features on this device. Whether you’re interested in an infinite guarantee or simple access to a battery compartment, there’s much to love. It’s packed with features intended to make your time on the hunt much easier to handle


We’ve gone over the features that come with the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM. Now, it’s crucial to determine which firearms the sight is compatible with to ensure it works if you invest in the tool.

What is the ROMEO1PRO is Compatible With?

To use the sight, it’s critical to pair it with a compatible firearm. The ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM isn’t compatible with every option, and a wrong choice could cost a lot of money.


If you don’t have the right firearm for your sight, there is little point in investing in the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM. Let’s discuss some standard weapons that will function well with this device.


Here are the firearms the ROMEO1PRO is compatible with on today’s market:


  •       M17: A service pistol initially created as a service firearm for the United States military.
  •       M18: Similar to the M17, another service pistol selection available for civilians on the market.
  •       P320-M17: A 9mm striker-fired pistol, the civilian version of the product developed for the military.
  •       P320 XFive Legion: A quality handgun, made for individuals with tons of shooting experience.
  •       P320 XCompact: A compact weapon designed and developed for concealed carry and simple carry purposes.
  •       P320 XFull: A modular weapon with a slide and barrel, a striker-fired 9mm pistol option.
  •       All PRO-CUT Slides: Simple and effective slides, easy to slide onto any firearm of choice.
  •       P320 Pro Series: A full-sized pistol made for professional carry by individuals who know what they are doing with firearms.


It’s critical to note that this product is NOT compatible with slides cut to accept a standard ROMEO1. The ROMEO1PRO is NOT rated for 10mm and should not be added to firearms with the ability to accept the 10mm variety.


We’ve gone over the firearms the ROMEO1PRO is compatible with on the market. Now, it’s time to dive into the specifications of this sight. These details demonstrate the quality you will receive with the ROMEOPRO 1X30 MM.


Specifications are what make up every component of the sight. It’s helpful to have an overview to determine if you are putting your money down on a product that is valuable for you.


Many technicalities are surrounding this sight. Here are the specifications you can expect with the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM:


  •       Manufacturer: SIG SAUER
  •       Fabric/Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  •       Magnification: 1 x
  •       Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm
  •       Objective Window Size: 28x18 mm
  •       Illumination Color: Red
  •       Brightness Settings: 12
  •       Adjustment Type: MOA
  •       Lens Material: Glass
  •       Attachment/Mount Type: Picatinny
  •       Battery Type: CR1632
  •       Battery Life: 20000 hours
  •       Weather Resistance: Yes
  •       Water Resistance Level: IPX-7
  •       Gun Make: SIG Sauer
  •       Gun Model: SIG Sauer Pro
  •       Length: 1.8 in
  •       Width: 1.2 in
  •       Height: 1.1 in
  •       Weight: 0.06 lb.
  •       Included Accessories: Mounting Screws
  •       Condition: New
  •       Magnification Type: Fixed


Many items work together to make the ROMEO1PRO 1X30MM the best it can be for interested parties.


From the battery life to the water resistance level, the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM was made to last. It’s durable and bright, meant to point out items you wouldn’t see if you didn’t have the sight on top of your firearm.


Now that we’ve gone over this sight, it’s up to you to determine if it’s the right choice for your life. There are tons of excellent features packed into this sight, meant to provide you with the best possible viewing experience.

Final Thoughts

The ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM is one of the best sight options for those interested in better vision while out. There are features like twelve brightness settings, aircraft-grade aluminum housing, and a point-source emitter.


We hope this information was helpful! If you’re in the market for a firearm sight, one of the best selections for your money is the ROMEO1PRO 1X30 MM. You can’t go wrong with this tool, as it’s one of the best on the market.



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