SIG Sauer Juliet 3 vs 4

It’s critical to see your target when shooting with a firearm. Magnifiers help clarify targets and switch between various rangers with ease. Two popular magnifiers include the SIG Sauer Juliet 3 and 4. This piece will cover everything you need to know about them.

Specs SIG Juliet 3 SIG Juliet 4

If you want to select the best Juliet for your money, it’s helpful to examine the specs of each tool. These will determine how much the magnifiers can magnify and other practical adjustments they will make on the field.

The SIG Juliet 3 and SIG Juliet 3 offer 3x (3.25) and about 4x (3.75) magnification, respectively. This level means the view is three to four times better than what the human eye can see, adjusting to situations where a target is further away than usual.

The duo also has similar water-resistant levels, rated by the IPX8. You don’t have to worry about water damage when utilizing these tools in poor weather conditions.

Here are a few additional specs to consider, with the Juliet 3 listed first and the Juliet 4 listed second:


  •       Objective Lens: 24mm/22mm / 24mm
  •       Field of View: 8 degrees / 6.25 degrees
  •       Exit Pupil: 8mm / 6mm
  •       Total Elevation Travel: 110 MOA / 90 MOA
  •       Total Windage Travel: 110 MOA / 90 MOA
  •       Diopter Adjustment Range: .+/-2 / .+/-2
  •       Mount Quick Release Powercam/ M1913 Picatinny Quick Release Powercam/ M1913 Picatinny
  •       Weight: 12.8 oz / 12.5 oz
  •       Dimension: 108x71x70 mm / 107x53x70 mm


There are some differences here, but not too many.

 The most apparent specs that differ here include the exit pupil diameter, travel MOA, weight, and dimensions. The field of view is also slightly different. The Juliet 4 is smaller but doesn't quite reach the same ability as the Juliet 3.

It’s critical to understand what sets these items apart if you’re interested in a Juliet product. Let’s go over the differences between the Juliet 3 and 4 next.

Difference Between Sig Juliet 3 and 4

There aren’t too many differences between the SIG Juliet 3 and 4. However, a few are worth noting to help determine which product is the right choice for your life. Let’s go over the major differences between these two magnifier products.

First, there are two different magnification ranges between these two items. If you’re investing in a magnifier, the magnification range should be the first thing to consider. Although there isn’t a drastic difference between 3x and 4x, it’s enough to improve the view. 

These magnifiers also work well with almost any firearm. However, it’s critical to note that the SIG Juliet magnifiers are best paired with specific Romeo sights. The Juliet 3 works best with the Romeo MSR, while the Juliet 4 is ideal with the Romeo 8T.

 There is also a slight variation in the field of view and exit pupil numbers. This helps determine the focus level and lens clarity of these products. When combined with the windage and elevation adjustments, it’s clear the Juliet 4 has more visibility at a mid-range level. 

Last but not least, the design and weight of each product differ slightly. The Juliet 4 is lighter than the Juliet 3, making it trickier to use and transport. You sacrifice slightly better visibility for a product that is easier to transport from one location to another.

 Now that we’ve gone over these items, which Juliet comes out on top? Which magnifier is ideal for your firearm?

Which Is The Better Juliet?

Now that we’ve gone through the specs and differences, it’s time to determine which Juliet is the better option. Let’s dive deeper into the differences to decide which you should invest in for your next magnifier.


The SIG Sauer Juliet 4 magnifier has a larger area of magnification than its competitor. If you want to cover more area when looking into your firearm, go with the Juliet 4. It has excellent mid-range visibility with a wider scope of view.

Although the magnification on the Juliet 4 is decent, not everyone enjoys that level of coverage. If you’re interested in a product with higher magnification levels, go with the SIG Sauer Juliet 6 Magnifier.


Compatibility is another critical item to consider. No matter which of these items you select, you will have access to quality compatibility with multiple external sights.

 It’s helpful to note that the Juliet 3 and 4 work best with Romeo sights. They will provide the ultimate targeting ability with your firearm.

Lens Clarity & Focus

Lens clarity and focus are vital for a high-class shot every single time. If you’re interested in this aspect, the Juliet 3 will provide the best lens clarity and focus. You can select and aim at a target much better with these options.

 Not that the higher magnification levels, the field of view becomes compromised. Take caution when raising the magnification as you may have a trickier time centering on your target at a long distance.

Design & Weight

Design and weight aren’t that drastic between the Juliet 3 and 4. However, it’s vital to keep them in mind as they can alter how easy it is to use the product. Not everyone is indifferent to weight and design, and we want to present this difference for your consideration.

 The Juliet 3 is slightly larger and heavier than the Juliet 4. If you’re interested in a smaller device, the Juliet 4 is your answer. However, design and weight won’t drastically impact your experience as you utilize your firearm.

Final Thoughts

Although the Juliet 3 and 4 are very similar, there are some critical differences in magnification, compatibility, lens clarity and focus, and design and weight. If you have a firearm, it’s helpful to have a magnifier to make it easier to see and aim at targets. No matter which choice you choose between the Juliet 3 and 4, you will have an easier time utilizing your firearm. 


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