Vortex Strikefire Vs Spitfire

Optics significantly impact how well you navigate an environment with your firearm. There are many high-quality selections, and two of the best include the Vortex Strikefire and the Vortex Spitfire. We’ll go over each product to determine which is right for your outdoor needs.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are vital in an optic. They determine everything from the reticle's color to the available magnification in each product. Technical specifications are the foundation of each optic.


Let’s dive deeper into the technical specifications associated with each product. These will help you visualize what each product offers, and which stands out as the winner to mount on top of your firearm.


First, let’s go over a few of the general technical specifications. This section includes items like reticle color, power source, and mounting Picatinny.


The reticle color is the first item that sets these two apart. The Vortex Strike fire has a green reticle, while the Spitfire possesses a red option. The green is easier to see in traditional daylight, while the red is visible in low light.


They also take different power sources to function. The Vortex Strikefire utilizes a 1 x CR2, a smaller battery with plenty of charges. The Vortex Spitfire uses a 1 x AAA, much smaller and cheaper than the CR2.


Both products have a weaver Picatinny as their mounting Picatinny. A weaver connects to telescopic sights and has varying slots, dimensions, and other items.


The Vortex Spitfire comes out on top in this category with the red reticle color and 1 x AAA battery. It’s a little easier to manage than the competitor.


Next up are the optics of each tool. Optics determine what you can see out on the field and how much assistance each product will provide. The better the optic specifications, the easier it will be to lock in on a target and make a proper shot.


Both optics have a magnification of 1x. There isn’t much magnification to experience in each product, which will help with accuracy and ensure you make the best shot possible.


The objective lens diameter has some changes. The Vortex Strikefire has an objective lens diameter of 30 mm, while the Vortex Spitfire has an objective lens diameter of 25 mm.


Finally, the Vortex Strikefire has multiple coatings of anti-reflective materials. The Vortex Spitfire does not.


The Vortex Strikefire is the winner when considering the optics of each product. It has a much larger objective lens diameter and provides anti-reflective coatings for the best possible visibility.


Adjustments are another crucial area to examine. When shooting, you will be in varying weather conditions. Adjustments will help you ensure you make the right shot and improve accuracy for a better experience with your firearm.


Both products have an impact point correction of ½ MOA. These will ensure your firearm gets closer to the target than it would have without the feature. You will receive the same experience in this area with either product.


Next is windage adjustment. Here, the Strikefire has a windage adjustment of 100 MOA and the Spitfire has one of 120 MOA. The Spitfire is more capable of adjusting left and right to ensure the shot moves as smoothly as possible through turbulent conditions.


Last up is the elevation adjustment. Again, the Strikefire has an elevation adjustment of 100 MOA, and the Spitfire has 120 MOA. The Spitfire has more capability.


In the adjustment category, the winner is Spitfire. It has more MOA than the Strikefire in windage and elevation.


Each optic has a different operating temperature. If it’s too cold or warm, the features will stop working and you will not have the optic on your side. Let’s examine what each product has to offer.


The Vortex Strikefire has an operating temperature that goes from -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go to an environment colder than -22 degrees or warmer than 140 degrees, the components in the optic may stop working.


There is no information on the operating range of the Vortex Spitfire. It is safe to assume something similar to the Vortex Strikefire is about the limit for this competing product.


The winner in this category is the Vortex Strikefire because there is plenty of information about the environmental limits of the product. The more you know in this area, the easier it will be to ensure your optic lasts a long time.


We should also examine the physical features of each optic. This section includes the product’s ability to resist water, fog-proof features, and more. Physical features help determine how long the optic will last when in use.


The Vortex Strikefire is waterproof, ensuring you can take it out in any weather condition. There is no information on whether or not the competing Spitfire can withstand water.


The Strikefire is also fog proof, which exists because the product is filled with nitrogen during the development process. Again, there is no information on the fog-proof ability of the Spitfire. The Strikefire is aluminum.


Dimensions are also critical. The Vortex Strikefire measures 5.6 inches in length and a width of 1.5 inches and weighs 7.2 ounces. The competing Spitfire measures 4.3 inches in length and weighs 11.2 ounces.


Overall, the winner of the physical category is the Vortex Strikefire. There is more information available about this product, and it weighs much less than the competing product, making it easier to mount onto your firearm.


The Vortex Strikefire and Spitfire have much to offer the world. However, only one may emerge as the winner. Overall, we recommend the Vortex Strikefire as the optic for your needs. It has more available features and will allow an excellent experience.


We hope this information was helpful! No matter which of these optics you pick as your final choice, you are sure to enjoy your experience. Whether you’re going target shooting or acting as an officer of the law, one of these could come in handy.



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