ADM 2111 Long QR Mount for Rattler TS25/35/50/ Varmint/ Neith

Product #: 6306LMR1
UPC #: 810027779007
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Description And features

AGM-2111 is the advanced base for Rattler TS / Varmint/ Neith. AGM-2111 features two throw levers for added mount security. The quick release weapon mount attaches to the thermal scope and affixes it to any Picatinny rail system without the use of additional tools or throw levers. The weapon mount is constructed of sturdy aluminum parts.  

  •     Fast and easy installation
  •     Lightweight and durable all-metal design
  •     For mounting to any Weaver or Picatinny rails
  •     Easy-to-use adjustable brackets with torque preset

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