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AGM Comanche-40ER NW1

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0.91 kg (2.0 lb)

The Comanche-40ER Night Vision Clip-On (NVCO) system uses the latest advances in night vision clip-on technology. Designed for long-range nighttime shooting, the Comanche-40ER delivers exceptional clarity, reliability, and versatility providing the most significant functionality and features at the lowest possible price. The Comanche-40ER is mounted to a standard Weaver or Picatinny rail in front of an existing day scope and transforming it into a night vision device with capability up to ranges of 1000 yards with no re-zeroing required. This NVCO can be used with day scopes of up to 10x magnification. Comanche-40ER is equipped with a quick release mount and remote control. It provides unmatched target acquisition and enhanced aiming capabilities, making it extremely practical and effective during the most challenging missions


  • Simple, quick conversion of daytime scopes to NVDs
  • Manual gain control
  • Mounts in front of any daytime scope, no re-zeroing required
  • Equipped with a wireless remote control
  • Powered by a single Alkaline 1.5V AA or 3V CR123A Lithium battery
  • Bright-light cut-off system
  • Quick-release mount
  • 3-Year Warranty
Image Intensifier Tube Gen 2+ "White Phosphor Level 1"
Resolution 51-64 lp/mm
Magnification 1x
Lens System 108 mm; F/1.54
Led Indicators - Low battery - Excessive light conditions
Manual Gain Control Yes
Bright Light Cut-Off Yes
Automatic Shut-Off System Yes
Battery Type One CR123A (3V) or AA (1. V)
Battery Life (Operating) Up to 60 hours (3V) at 20°C
Exit Pupil Diameter 40 mm
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F)
Storage Temperature Range -50°C to +50°C (-58°F to +122°F)
Weight 0.91 kg (2.0 lb)
Overall Dimensions 230 × 87 × 97 mm (9.1 × 3.4 × 3.8 in)


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