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AGM Dovetail Helmet Mount for MICH and PASGT Helmets

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The AGM Dovetail Helmet Mount is designed to installation the various NVGs to the MICH or PASGT helmet. This mount features all adjust ability features to place NVG in proper position. Supports the safe disconnect feature that allow to adjust the mount for a secure lock with the shroud or to allow it to break away under stress so as to prevent injury.
Please note that mount utilizes a dovetail interface. Please make sure you have the proper adapter when purchasing this mount.

Flip-Up Function - Yes (130o Travel)

Eye Relief Adjustment - Yes (1.4 in /36 mm)

Goggles Tilt Adjustment - Yes (0-15o Tilt)

Goggles Vertical Position Adjustment - Yes (0.9 in / 23 mm)

Compatibility with Flip-Up Shut-Off System - Yes

Material Aerospace - Aluminium

Package Includes:

Doveail Helmet Mount

Helmet Mount Bracket

Helmet Strap with Adjustable


Rear Bracket


  • Easy one-handed operation for all mechanical adjustments
  • Mount locks into operational and flip up positions
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lightweight and durable all-metal bracket design
  • Adjustable goggles arm angle and eye relief
  • Goggles vertical position adjustment
  • Low profile when mounted on a helmet
  • Automatic switch on/off system
  • Safe disconnect feature


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