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AGM Global Vision 12PV7122253021 PVS-7 NL2 Night Vision Goggles Black 1x 27mm Generation 2+ Level 2 45-57 lp/mm Resolution


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6.38 x 5.98 x 2.99" / 16.2 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm
23.99 oz / 680 g

The AGM PVS-7 3NL2 Gen 2+ Level 2 Night Vision Goggle is a durable, weather-resistant night vision imaging device modeled on the NV system used by the US Armed Forces. Equipped with automatic brightness control, the PVS-7's circuitry automatically adjusts the brightness level of the image tube in varying light conditions. This device is lightweight, rugged, and built to withstand the rigors of use in extreme situations&dmash;delivering exceptional gain and resolution on the darkest of nights. Optional afocal attachment lenses are available separately for long-range observation, surveillance, and terrain navigation.

At the core of the PVS-7 bi-ocular is the 2nd generation image intensifier tube. A huge advancement from Gen 1, Gen 2 tubes offer longer useful ranges than earlier tubes, with better resolution, cleaner and brighter images, and lower susceptibility to blooming and distortion. The tube is designated as Level 2: The user may see some spots on the peripheral of the view, but the center will be clear. The bi-ocular viewing configuration provides easy viewing with both eyes while reducing weight and bulk. An array of accessories are included, such as a head mount assembly, demist shields, a sacrificial lens, and a daytime filter to enhance the PVS-7's usability and improve its longevity.

  • AGM PVS-7 3NL2 Gen 2+ Level 2 Night Vision Goggle
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Brow Pad Kit
  • Lens Tissue
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Head Mount Assembly
  • Daylight Filter
  • Sacrificial Window
  • Demist Shield
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty


  • Gen 2+ Intensifier Tube
  • Tube Might Have Minor Peripheral Spots
  • Compact 1x27mm f/1.2 Lens System
  • Built-In IR Illuminator with Flood Lens
    Lens System 27mm f/1.2
    Magnification 1x
    Angle of View 40° (Actual)
    Minimum Focus Distance 7.87" / 20 cm
    Diopter Adjustment -6 to +2
    Focus Type Individual
    Infrared Illuminator Yes, Built-In
    Intensifier Tube 1 x Gen 2+
    Water Resistance Waterproof
    Fogproof Yes
    Operating Temperature -40 to 122°F / -40 to 50°C
    Storage Temperature -58 to 158°F / -50 to 70°C
    Battery 2 x AA or 1 x BA-5567
    Dimensions 6.38 x 5.98 x 2.99" / 16.2 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm
    Weight 23.99 oz / 680 g


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