Product #: SSO127492
UPC #: 818322014250

Axe Crossbows Ax405, Axe Ax40001 Crossbow With 3 Bolts And Optic

Sale price$1,599.99


The Axe Ax405 is a top-notch option for users who want to try shooting an advanced bow and arrow. This product is a crossbow and optic combination with three bolts for the best use. It’s sleek and compact, filled with high-quality features.

Key Features

A crossbow is nothing without its practical additions for the user. The Ax405 has much to boast about.


Here are a few of the key features you will find on the Ax405:


  •   Red/green reticle illumination for different lighting conditions
  •   Multi-range reticle scope with markings
  •   Adjustable butt stock and cheek comb
  •   A safe trigger that resets after every shot
  •   Integrally mounted three-arrow quiver
  •   Adjustable foot peg
  •   Balanced center of mass


There is so much to enjoy in this product.


These work together to create a quality experience for the user. They also shape how well the Ax405 performs on the field.


Performance is critical. If a product can’t perform, there is no reason to buy it. Let’s talk about Ax405’s performance ability.

How Does It Perform?

Users report quality performance from the Ax405, especially when concerning speed. It is quick and accurate, unlike other similar crossbows.


This product produces a quality shot almost every single time, making it easy to enjoy the hunt. It’s a top performer in its category.

Ease of Use

This Ax405 is lightweight and compact, making it simple to carry from one location to another. It’s also easy to hold, aim, and fire, with built-in features to make the experience as comfortable and safe as possible.


The product weighs a mere nine pounds. Anyone can use it with ease.

Field-Tested Construction

This Ax405 is made from durable materials and is well-constructed, designed to last. Features like the three-arrow quiver and integrated into the system to form an even more solid construction.


Overall, the Ax405 will last any circumstances you put it through. It’s a top-notch hunting option.


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