Eotech G43, Eotech G43sts 3x Magnifier Sts Qd Mnt Micro

Product #: SSO132744
Manufacturer #: 672294300434
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This is a miniaturized version of our battle-tested g33 magnifier making it one of the most compact and lightweight magnifiers available.The mount provides fast transitioning from 3x to 1x and the optic offers tool-free vertical and horizontal adjustments with a large field-of-view.The g43 works with all eotech hws models.Includes manual, switch-to-side mounting system and case.

Battery: Monocular
Magnification: 3x
Field Of View: 7.5 Degrees
Eye Relief: 2.50"
Length: 3.10"
Weight: Black
Finish: Black Anodized
Reticle: Fog Resistant
Proofs: Fog/Water/Weather Resistant

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