Product #: sso132745
UPC #: 672294300465

EOTECH Magnifier G45™ 5x Magnifier Switch-to-Side™ Mounting System 132745

  • Eotech is a brand that offers spotting scopes in its product line.
  • The G45 model is a magnifier series product that comes with a black finish.
  • The magnifier offers 5x magnification, making it ideal for precision aiming at longer distances.
  • It is fog-resistant and has an eye relief of 2.60 inches.
  • The field of view is 4.4 degrees, providing users with a decent viewing angle.
Sale price$659.00
Specs Highlights:
12.8 oz (362.9 g)
Eye Relief
2.6" (66mm)


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The G45.STS mini 5X Magnifier is a new addition to the EOTECH magnifier line that shares the weight and dimensions of the existing G33 Magnifier, making it compact and easy to handle. However, the G45 offers an additional 2X magnification, which makes it a highly effective tool for precision aiming at greater distances. The magnifier's mount enables users to quickly switch from 5X magnification to 1X unmagnified vision with ease. The G45 also features tool-free adjustments for both vertical and horizontal aiming, which can be customized to the user's preferences. The large field-of-view ensures that users can keep an eye on their surroundings while using the magnifier. One of the standout features of the G45 is its compatibility with all EOTECH HWS models, making it a versatile and valuable addition to any shooter's arsenal.
Compatible with all HWS Models
Dimension L x W x H 3.9" x 2.3" x 3.3" (99 x 58.4 x 83.8 mm)
Weight 12.8 oz (362.9 g)
Water Resistant 33ft. (10 m) depth
Mount 1" Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
Operating Temperature -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
Fixed Magnification 5X
Eye Relief 2.6" (66mm)
Field-Of-View 4.4°
Sealing Fog Resistant Internal Optics
Country of Origin Assembled in USA