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EOTECH HHS™ VI EXPS3-2 HWS & G43 Magnifier w/QD Switch-to-Side Mount Complete System

  • The HHS VI Holographic Hybrid Sight offers versatility for targets at close to medium range
  • The system consists of two parts - the HWS EXPS3-2 and the G43 magnifier
  • The HWS EXPS3-2 allows for shooting with both eyes open and features a 7mm raised quick detach base for a lower 1/3 iron sight co-witness
  • The HWS EXPS3-2 features 20 daytime and 10 night vision illumination levels, and EOTech's Two-Dot reticle calibrated for 62 grain .223 rounds
  • The Two-Dot reticle features a 68 MOA ring with a pair of 1 MOA dots, with the top dot for targets at 50 to 200 yards, the dot below for targets at 500 yards, and a post at the bottom of the ring for close range targets at 7 yards
  • The G43 magnifier offers an additional 3x magnification for targets at longer ranges
  • The G43 folds off to the side when not in use, allowing the operator to use the HWS EXPS3-2 for close range targets
  • Both the HWS EXPS3-2 and the G43 feature compact designs and require very little rail space
  • Both the HWS EXPS3-2 and the G43 feature a 7mm raised quick detach mount for perfect alignment
  • The HHS VI is night vision compatible and offers enhanced situational awareness for fast target acquisition.
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Specs Highlights:
23.1oz (654.8g)
Battery Life
1,000 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temperature
Eye Relief
2.5" (63.5mm)
The Holographic Hybrid Sight VI (HHS VI) is a versatile optical system designed to deliver accurate shooting performance across all ranges. Featuring an EXPS3-2 holographic sight paired with a compact G43 3X magnifier, this system requires minimal rail space while providing significant advantages to shooters. Whether operating in daylight or low-light conditions, the night-vision compatible EXPS ensures a clear view of the reticle, while the G43 magnifier provides 3X magnification to enhance aiming and targeting capabilities. The system's 2-Dot reticle includes aiming dots that may be difficult to distinguish without magnification, making the G43 magnifier an indispensable addition to the HHS VI system. With its compact size, night-vision compatibility, and precision optics, the HHS VI with the G43 magnifier is the perfect solution for shooters who demand accuracy and versatility from their optics.
Night Vision Compatible
Dimension L x W x H 6.9" x 2.3" x 3.3" (175.2 x 58.4 x 83.8 mm)
Weight 23.1oz (654.8g)
Water Resistant 33ft. (10 m) depth
Mount 1" Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
Windage & Elevation Adjustment 0.5 MOA per click
Brightness 20 daylight settings
10 additional settings for Gen I through III+ night vision devices
Power Source 1 x CR123 battery
Battery Life 1,000 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temperature
Fixed Magnification 3X
Eye Relief 2.5" (63.5mm)
Field-of-View w/ Magnifier 7.5°
Sealing Fog resistant internal optics
Country of Origin HHS: Made in USA
G43: Assembled in USA


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