Product #: SSO144249
UPC #: 672294110194

Eotech Vudu FFP Black Hardcoat Anodized 1-10x 28mm 34mm Tube Illuminated Red LE-5 MRAD Reticle Features Throw Lever VDU110FFLE5 14429

  • Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum for exceptional durability
  • Anodized finish and single-piece construction ensure long-lasting performance
  • Laser-etched adjustment indicators and push-button illumination controls make it easy to use
  • Nitrogen gas purging prevents fogging inside the scope
  • Designed to withstand heavy recoil and rough handling
  • O-ring seals and a single-piece tube keep moisture and dust out
  • High-quality XC™ glass and anti-reflective coatings ensure clear, efficient light transmission
  • The one-piece eye-piece has a sleek scalloped design for a better grip and faster magnification adjustment
  • Removable throw lever for added convenience and ease of use.
Sale price$1,749.00
Specs Highlights:
21.3 oz (603 g)
Tube Diameter
34 mm
Eye Relief
1X: 3.27-3.90" (83-99 mm)


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The Vudu 1-10x28 by EOTECH is a high-quality rifle scope that features a durable 34mm one-piece aircraft aluminum tube and a single-piece eyepiece. The eyepiece also includes a removable throw-lever, allowing for quick and easy changes in magnification. The low profile elevation turret has a push/pull locking system, ensuring that it stays securely in place, while the capped windage turret helps to maintain a consistent zero. The illuminated, glass-etched reticle is located in the first focal plane, making it possible to estimate distance at any magnification level and lighting condition. With this feature, shooters can aim with greater accuracy, even in low light conditions. All of these features combine to make the Vudu 1-10x28 a top-of-the-line rifle scope that is well-suited for a wide range of shooting applications.


Vudu LE-5 MRAD Reticle

The LE-5 is equipped with the renowned EOTECH illuminated speed ring, which is complemented by a hashmarked inner crosshair reticle that features MRAD subtension lines. This unique reticle design enables shooters to estimate distance, adjust holdover and wind compensation with precision. Additionally, the scope's Christmas tree style reticle offers a high level of accuracy, with its precision cross-hair and secondary windage and elevation features that enable precise holds on longer range shots. Overall, the LE-5's advanced reticle features make it an ideal choice for shooters who require accuracy and precision in their long-range shooting activities.

First Focal Plane
Overall Length 10.63" (270 mm)
Weight 21.3 oz (603 g)
Magnification 1-10X
Tube Diameter 34 mm
Objective Diameter 28 mm
Power Source CR2032
Eye Relief 1X: 3.27-3.90" (83-99 mm)
10X: 3.35-3.62" (85-92 mm)
Field-of-View @ 100 Yards 1X: 116.6 ft (35.5 m)
10X: 11.7 ft (3.6 m)
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Reticle Specifications
Adjustment Graduation Per Click 0.1 MRAD
Adjustment Graduation Per Rotation 15 MRAD
Total Elevation Travel 29 MRAD
Total Windage Travel 23 MRAD