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EOTECH Vudu® 1-6x24 FFP Sr1 (mrad)

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish ensures extreme durability
  • Laser-etched adjustment indicators and push-button illumination controls for easy tracking
  • Water-resistant, fog-resistant, and shock-resistant due to single-piece construction eyepiece
  • Nitrogen gas purging prevents internal fogging over the operating temperature range
  • Rugged design can withstand heavy recoil and rough handling
  • Single-piece tube and o-ring seals prevent moisture and dust from entering the scope in harsh environments
  • XC™ high-density, low dispersion glass with anti-reflective coated lenses provides efficient light transmission and unmatched edge-to-edge clarity
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Specs Highlights:
20.1 oz (570 g)
Tube Diameter
30 mm
Eye Relief
1X: 3.27-3.94" (83-100 mm)


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The optic being referred to is a versatile device that can be easily used on both the AR platform and bolt action rifles. It is equipped with an EOTECH Speed Ring reticle, which is designed to enable swift target acquisition at low magnification. Additionally, the optic is capable of providing high resolution and accuracy when used at higher power settings, making it well-suited for tackling longer shots. The Vudu 1-6X is an excellent choice for those who require a scope for short to medium range applications. With its adaptable features, this optic can be easily used in a variety of situations, making it an indispensable tool for shooters who demand precision and versatility.


Vudu SR1 Reticle

The SR1 features the well-known illuminated speed ring of EOTECH, together with a hashmarked inner crosshair reticle. This crosshair uses MRAD sub-tension lines, enabling ranging, holdover, and wind compensation. The scope also has a first focal plane design, allowing for swift target acquisition using the speed ring at lower power settings. In situations where higher magnification is required, the speed ring vanishes, and the inner crosshair appears for improved precision on longer range shots.

First Focal Plane
Overall Length 10.63" (270 mm)
Weight 20.1 oz (570 g)
Magnification 1-6X
Tube Diameter 30 mm
Objective Diameter 24 mm
Power Source CR2032
Eye Relief 1X: 3.27-3.94" (83-100 mm)
6X: 3.23-3.94" (82-100 mm)
Field-of-View @ 100 Yards 1X: 102.4 ft (31.2 m)
6X: 16.7 ft (5.09 m)
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Reticle Specifications
Adjustment Graduation Per Click 0.2 MRAD
Adjustment Graduation Per Rotation 15 MRAD
Total Elevation Travel 29 MRAD
Total Windage Travel 23 MRAD