Holosun EPS Carry - 6 MOA Red Dot

Sale price$329.99
Reticle: 6 MOA Red Dot

The Holosun EPS is an enclosed pistol sight, which means the super LED that emits the lighted
dot is enclosed in reflective glass. Enclosing the emitter makes sure things like mud, debris, or
water will never keep your sight from functioning properly when you need it.
With 8 daytime brightness settings and 4 night vision compatible settings, you should be able to
easily see your dot at all times. The 0.54 inch dot height and built-in rear notch also make it
easy to use the factory iron sights on most pistols should an emergency arise. But, with a
CR1620 Lithium battery, you can expect up to 50,000 hours of function.
The Holosun EPS uses Holosun’s K Footprint, and an RMR-to-K footprint adapter is included,
so there is a wide variety of guns this sight will fit out of the box. And, with 6 reticle options, the
EPS may be just what you need.

Shake Awake
The Holosun EPS will go into sleep mode after no motion is detected. When the highly
sensitive motion sensor detects movement, the dot will come back on in the last known
setting. This saves battery life and ensures that your dot will always be on when you
need it. The default shut-off setting is 10 minutes, but the time can be adjusted to your
liking or turned off completely.
Aspherical Glass
The aspherical glass is designed to correct any distortions that may come from a more curved
glass. This allows for a clearer and more crisp sight picture that is parallax free with unlimited
eye relief.


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