Product #: ZALMS1131G
UPC #: 798816542592

Lasermax Laser Guide Rod Green - Glock Gen1-3 19-23-32-38

Sale price$312.00
Lasermax laser guide rod green glock gen1-3 19/23/32/38

-For Glock 19, 23, 32, & 38 pistols
-520nm wavelength
-Within 1" POI @ 10 yds accuracy
-Pulses for superior visibility & faster identification
-Internal design does not restrict grip or holster selection
-Distinct ambidextrous ON/OFF switch reinforces safe handling
-Proximity to the bore provides maximum POA/POI accuracy
-Guaranteed alignment ensures center of mass shots

Other Features: Fits glock 19,23,32,38 gen 1-3 only, will not fit the new gen4 glk, full 5 year warranty, made in the usa


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