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Leupold 171910 Rangefinder RX-2800 TBR/W Black/Gray 7x27mm 2800 yds Max Distance OLED Display

  • The rangefinder features an OLED display for easy reading.
  • It includes a Last Target Mode, which helps in tracking and measuring the distance to the last targeted object.
  • The device calculates the Line of Sight (LOS) distance accurately.
  • Users have the option to choose from different reticles for aiming purposes.
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The RX®-2800 TBR®/W Alpha IQ™ digital rangefinder is designed to push your shooting abilities to the limit during long-range shots. It offers exceptional precision, with an accuracy of 1/2-yard up to a distance of 2,800 yards. With its 7x magnification and a clear red OLED display, this rangefinder ensures quick and accurate measurements. The advanced Alpha IQ™ engine allows for faster ranging of smaller targets than ever before. Additionally, our True Ballistic Range® (TBR®) technology considers the angle of your shot and your rifle's ballistics to ensure precise aiming. Experience greater shooting distances and improved speed with the new RX®-2800 TBR®/W Alpha IQ™ digital rangefinder.



Leupold’s True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology takes precision to the next level by offering 25 selectable ballistics groups that account for your preferred cartridge, helping you dial in the exact range of your target.

Using the old rifleman's rule on an angled 600-yard shot could result in a 10-15-inch margin of error when compared to the dead-on accuracy of Leupold’s TBR/W. And with TBR/W’s 10-mph wind holds, you’ll have all the information you need to experience more first-shot hits.

Battery Type CR123
Display Color OLED (Red Display)
Magnification 7
Rifle Angle Compensation TBR/W
Tripod Compatible (1/4-20) Yes
True Ballistic Range - Wind (TBR-W) Yes
Length (in) 4.3
Width (in) 1.5
Height (in) 3
Weight (oz) 7.9
Objective Diameter (mm) 27
Linear FOV (ft@1000 yd) 318
Angular FOV (Degrees) 6.3
Eye Relief (mm) 16
Min Diopter (dpt) -3
Max Diopter (dpt) 3
Light Transmission (%) 85
Battery Life (Actuations) >3000
Accuracy to 125 (yd) .5
Accuracy to 1000 (yd) 2
Accuracy above 1000 (yd) % .2
Max Range - Deer (yd) 1800
Max Range - Trees (yd) 2400
Max Range - Reflective (yd) 2800
Min Range (yd) 6
Laser Classification IEC 3R


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