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Meprolight Mor Pro Bullseye 2.2 MOA Dot, Red Visible Laser And IR Laser

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Specs Highlights:
Field of view
Unlimited with both eyes open
150x51x60mm (5.9 x 2.0 x 2.36 in.)

The Mepro MOR PRO is used by the IDF and other special forces units worldwide to meet critical day, low-light and nighttime conditions.

Meprolight’s engineers utilized the latest state-of-the-art technology to create a rugged multi-purpose reflex sight incorporating a red dot sight and lasers with multiple power sources that exceeded MIL-Standard requirements. The MOR is unique because it is an all-in-one red dot reflex sight/ IR/Visible Laser in a single unit. Shooters can choose from Bullseye or Dot reticles.


The large crystal viewing window provides a crisp, clear, brilliant point of aim with both eyes open for increased situational awareness. In addition, the Mepro MOR PRO’s incorporated co-witness sighting system allows you to zero in only one of the systems—Reticle, Visible Laser, or IR Laser— and the other systems automatically zero in at the same time. This feature allows you to zero the IR laser at night, and you are good to go day, low-light, or nighttime. Reticle intensity is adjustable to the shooter’s preference.


Recognizing that consistent power is vital to the operating system, The MOR Pro has four independent power sources—Fiber Optic, Tritium, and two independent, commonly available AA batteries—that back each other up in the unlikely event one system goes down.


The MEPRO MOR PRO is a multi-purpose all-in-one Mil-Spec red dot reflex sight/IR/Visible pointer in a single unit with multiple power sources. Fiber Optic technology that gathers surrounding light during daytime with a tritium capsule which illuminates the reticle in the dark 24/7 for 10 years, 3 LED brightness level, powered by one or two AA batteries, for Extra Bright modes in extreme light conditions and red or green visible and IR pointers, all in one compact and waterproof, rugged sight.


The MEPRO MOR PRO only requires one zeroing procedure for all its aiming devices (Reticle, Visible, and IR pointers); once these aiming devices are zeroed, all other devices will be zeroed. In addition, the kit includes an anti-reflective Flash guard designed to reduce possible lens reflections that may occur in certain lighting conditions and may otherwise reveal the user’s location. The “Flash Guard” has been designed to minimize obstruction to the user’s field of view.


Choose either Bullseye or Dot amber color reticle in 2.2 MOA and 4.3 MOA configurations. The large crystal 30mm (1.18”) viewing window provides a crisp, clear, and sharp point of aim with both eyes open for increased situational awareness and rapid transition between long-range and close-quarters scenarios. In addition, the large field of view ensures effective use of the sight under extreme conditions such as bad weather, use after physical stress, and use under pressure.


The MEPRO MOR is equipped with a 9” length pressure switch cable with a disconnection sensor for fast and easy operation of the pointers with both constant and momentary modes. The pressure switch cable is attached to the weapon externally using a velcro strap. Activation on the pointers is also possible without the cable if the cable is missing or damaged. A malfunction of the cable is indicated by rapid flashing of the aiming reticle.


  • Operates under all weather and temperature conditions
  • Totally integrated day/night operation
  • Passive self-illuminated system
  • LED for extra bright modes
  • Laser Configuration: IR, visible red or green. Special cable sensor diagnostics
Magnification 1X
Lens Diameter 30mm
Field of view Unlimited with both eyes open
Aiming Point 2.2 MOA Bullseye/ 4.3 MOA Dot
Dimensions 150x51x60mm (5.9 x 2.0 x 2.36 in.)
WeightWeight 430g. (15.52 oz.) w/o batteries
Laser's colors Red & IR / Green & IR


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