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Meprolight MX3-F 3x Magnifier With Integrated Push-Button Side Flip Adaptor

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The Mepro MX3-T/F is a 3x power magnifier that attaches to the Picatinny rail immediately behind the reflex sight. The Mepro MX3-T/F has an integrated mechanism that allows it to ride to the side when not needed.

Both models can be configured for the right side or left side ride when not in use and will not interfere with the weapons operating system. Simply flip it into position to engage for longer distance shots without having to re-zero your rifle.

The Mepro MX3-T/F is a compact and lightweight yet extremely durable magnifierElevation and windage dials allow for a precise FOV line of sight alignment. The wide FOV enables rapid target acquisition with both eyes open.


  • Increases the effective range of reflex sights
  • Wide field of view (FOV) – enables rapid target acquisition
  • No zeroing required
  • Integrated side flip adaptor
  • Simple to attach - doesn't interfere with firing
    Magnification 3X
    Weight (w. Adaptor) <335g (10.16 oz)
    Lens Diameter 27mm
    Field of View >7.5°
    Diopter Range (+2) to (-2)
    Weapon Adaptor Picatinny Rail (Push-button Flip to the side)