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Meprolight STING Dual Wavelength Laser Pointer

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220 g (7.76 oz.)


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Meprolight’s engineering and tactical teams designed the Mepro Sting to be a MIL-STD-810 weapon-mounted dual laser system for CQB and covert night operations. The pointer emits either an IR laser or visible red laser that projects a point-of-aim dot on the target. Switching between visible laser and IR laser pointer is simple.
More importantly, accidental switching is prevented by the
mode’s safety mechanism.

Powered by a single AA battery, the lasers allow the shooter to rapidly engage multiple targets without having to use their sights. A press to lase-PTL-cable can be affixed to any spot on the gun depending on personal preference allowing the shooter to momentarily or continuously lase the target.
The Sting features a precision single aiming mechanism for
simultaneous boresighting of the visible and IR lasers. Zeroing can be done day or night without the need for special tools.

Note: The Mepro Sting is available for LE and Government Customers Only


  • A single zeroing mechanism enabling simultaneous zeroing of both the visible & IR lasers
  • Selectable High and Low laser output power and momentary or constant lasing modes
  • Powered by a single commercial AA battery
  • MIL-STD 810 qualified
    Laser pointers Red & IR
    Weight 220 g (7.76 oz.)
    Wavelength Visible ~635nm / IR ~850nm
    Beam divergence < 0.3 mRad (dot)
    Power Source 1x “AA” (Alkaline/Lithium/NiMH)
    LED indicator IR Laser- Green, Red Laser- Red, Low battery- Flashing Red
    Weapon mount MIL-STD-1913- Picatinny (quick release)
    Environmental MIL-STD-810