Product #: NRC640-35C
UPC #: 195893728930
MPN #: NRC640-35C

NightRide 360 High Resalution 640-35

  • The remote control feature of our camera allows for easy panning and tilting, providing full and safe situational awareness.
  • The camera can be connected via Wi-Fi or Wired connection, giving you multiple options for connectivity.
  • The magnetic mount feature of the camera allows for quick and easy rooftop mounting, and it is powered through a cigarette lighter adapter.
  • The camera is capable of automatically capturing video that can be displayed on your phone, tablet, or computer, providing a convenient way to view and analyze footage.


  • Animal/pedestrian detection
  • hunting
  • search + rescue
  • firefighting
  • law enforcement
  • security
  • transport and construction
  • outdoor recreation, etc.
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Our High Resolution Thermal Camera with 360° Remote Control is an advanced technology that can help you elevate your situational awareness to the next level. This camera is capable of detecting predators, farm animals, deer, people, and other objects on the road, even in the most challenging conditions such as darkness, rain, snow, fog, and smoke. The camera captures the heat signature of these entities, which provides a clear and precise image that significantly enhances your ability to detect potential threats or obstacles. With the added convenience of the 360° remote control, you can easily adjust the camera's view to any angle, providing you with complete control and flexibility in any situation. This advanced technology can be used for a variety of purposes such as surveillance, wildlife observation, or driving. By choosing our High Resolution Thermal Camera with 360° Remote Control, you can be confident that you are investing in a reliable and effective tool that will improve your situational awareness and help you stay prepared for any potential danger or obstacle.


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