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Olight Haloop Camping Metal Light - Black

Sale price$99.99
Color: Black

● Stylish, Functional, and Powerful: Beneath its stylish exterior, Haloop is a functional and powerful 360-degree light source, which mounts easily to most any umbrella, shade canopy, or pyramid tent.

● High-Quality Construction: The solid feel provided by its metal base disc, guards, hanging hook/handle, and reflector will bring an elegant touch to any backyard or patio space while being rugged enough for any campsite.

● Match Your Mood and Task: The option of orange or white light, combined with a 10 to 600-lumen output and stepless dimming, helps you effortlessly create the perfect ambiance for any occasion or provide the right light temperature and brightness for any task.

● High Capacity Power Bank: Haloop's 8800 mAh rechargeable battery pack with USB-C output can fully charge an iPhone 13 Pro up to three times! Use it for emergency backup power, a convenient and attractive way to charge guests’ phones during outdoor get-togethers, or as the perfect camping companion for all your devices!

● Light Where You Need It: The unique, two-piece handle allows easy carrying as well as hanging in the middle of a rope or branch. In addition, you can use the included adapter to easily clamp Haloop onto a variety of umbrellas, shade canopies, or pyramid tents. (Compatible with 0.79 - 2.17 inch diameter round tubes/poles.) Haloop can also be mounted to hanging (pole-less) umbrellas with the included straps.

Output:600 lumens
Runtime: 180hours






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