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Olight OPen Mini Purple Portable Ballpoint Pen

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The Open Mini is a short bolt action EDC ballpoint pen. At only 3.66 inches long, this pen is short to put in your shirt pocket. Its tough aluminum body has dynamic hollow helixes that increase grip and just look amazing. The style is further enhanced by the blue body ring and ornate copper tail cap. The customized refill writes smoothly and won’t become empty until it finishes 800 meters of lines. The L-type bolt action is intuitive to pop out and retract the pen tip. With the pocket clip, you can conveniently clip it to your notebook, pocket, or backpack strap.

  • Small and Concealed: Only 3.66 inches in length, it can be totally concealed in your shirt pocket.
  • Strong and Stylish: The aluminum alloy body is tough and wear-resistant. It comes with finely machined hollow rifling grooves for a dynamic and stylish look.
  • Smooth to Write: Customized refill with PREMEC stainless steel tip, smooth for writing and causing fewer ink blots.
  • Bolt Action Design: Intuitively pop out or retract the tip when operating with your thumb. Fun to play with and a great design to prevent misfires.
  • Convenient Pocket Clip: Just clip the pen securely to your notebook, pocket, or backpack strap when you are done writing.
  • DIMENSIONS: Length: 3.66in/93.0mm (Tip Retracted); Body Diameter: 0.39in/9.8mm
  • WEIGHT: 0.44oz/12.5g
  • BODY MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy
  • USE: EDC, outdoors, household, office
  • WARRANTY: Olight's 2-Year Warranty