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Olight OREMAKE Sheepdog Damascus 5" Kitchen Utility Knife,45-layer construction

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● Ergonomically shaped handle, inspired by the classic Sheepdog folding knife, fits comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue.

● Forged 45-layer construction with an AUS-10 steel core provides exceptional strength, edge retention, and durability.

● The core is flanked by 22 layers of stainless steel for added corrosion resistance.

● The G10 handle is highly resistant to heat, cold, water penetration, as well as acids, and it will not deform, break, chip, or wear.

● The cutting edge of the 0.06 inches thin blade is hand-sharpened to a max. 14-degree angle on each side to enable it to
glide effortlessly through food with clean, precise cuts.

● The AUS-10 core boasts a hardness of 60±2 HRC (Rockwell) achieved by a vacuum heat treatment.
This results in a sharp blade that holds its edge well.

● 3 brass strips on both sides of the handle offer a sense of luxury to the knife.

The OREMAKE Sheepdog knife series strives to meet the needs of culinary enthusiasts. This series combines a design inspired
by Sheepdog pocket knives with premium Damascus steel. It boasts a forged 45-layer construction that creates an eye-pleasing
Damascus pattern and protects and strengthens the core

The AUS-10 steel core provides extraordinary performance and edge retention.

Each knife has an ergonomic, brass-accented G10 handle for a comfortable grip and a high-end look.

The 5" Utility Knife is a multipurpose knife and its main purpose is cutting, slicing, or dicing a variety of
small to medium-sized fruits and vegetables, or sandwiches.


Sheepdog Damascus 5" Kitchen Utility Knife

Making the Cut


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