Product #: 154761
UPC #: 850042449394

PARD SA3235 SA32 w/Rangefinder Thermal Rifle Scope Black 3.7x 35mm Multi Reticle 2x-8x Zoom 384x288, 50Hz Resolution

Sale price$2,999.99
The SA32/62 LRF thermal imaging scope with a built in laser rangefinder. Features integrated ballistic calculator can precisely calculate your bullets trajectory and give you a precise aiming point; when the device detects recoil, the whole shooting process will be recorded in 20 second intervals. The incremental 20-second video footage will be saved on the TF card; recoil proof up to 6000J Muzzle Energy; Infrared Image Enhancement Algorivthm (IREA; multi reticle with four colors- red, white, yellow, green and three scene moses- city, rain and forest. Laser rangefinder range is 1,200 yards; e-compass and gyroscope.


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