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Pulsar Digex C50 (with Digex-X850S IR Illuminator) Digital Night Vision

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The Pulsar Digex C50 provides users with a 24-hour hunting experience with high definition, full-color imaging! The Digex C50 Digital Night Vision Riflescope has all the traditional capabilities and aesthetics of a classic daytime hunting optic, whilst boasting some serious technological innovations: a 1928x1088 Full-HD sensor, 3.5-14x digital magnification, a 1024x768 HD AMOLED display, photo and video recording and a Digex X850nm IR Illuminator.  

The Digex C50 also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and Stream Vision 2 App compatibility, so users can capture, preserve and share their hunting memories for years to come. Along with remote control of the device, wireless firmware and software updates, the Digex C50 has a ballistic calculator to maximize accuracy and ethical shot placement.  

True to the Pulsar brand, the Digex C50 is not just hi-tech, it is durable and reliable with a metallic frame that can withstand calibers up to .375 H&H, 12 gauge and 9.3x64 Brenneke. The Digex C50 is also IPX7 fully waterproof, shockproof and operates in temperatures from -13F to 122F. This unit is powered by two rechargeable batteries for up to 10 hours of life.  


  • Supersensitive Full-HD sensor 1928x1088 pixels 
  • Contrast frost-resistant HD AMOLED display 1024x768: operating temperatures from -13F to +122F 
  • Metallic frame: fully waterproof IPX7 and highly shock-resistant, can be used with rifled hunting weapons of calibers up to: .375H&H, 12 gauge and 9.3x64 
  • Variable magnification 3.5x to 14x 
  • Digex X850nm IR Illuminator
  • High-precision aiming with “Picture-in-Picture” mode 
  • 5 individual shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances 
  • Photo and video recording 
  • The built-in Wi-Fi module connects the device with either Android or iOS smartphones using the Stream Vision 2 app.  
  • Remote control of the device, wireless firmware and software updates, ballistic calculator 
  • Paired with two rechargeable batteries: one built-in with a capacity of 4.9 Ah, the other replaceable with a capacity of 2 Ah. Up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge 
  • Remote control Pulsar BT (optional) for controlling the software functionality of the sight.


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