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Ravin Crossbow Kit R500 - Sniper Package 500fps Gray

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Ravin Crossbow Kit R500 - Sniper Package 500fps Gray


The Ravin Crossbow Kit R500 is a quality silent sniping kit, meant to take quiet hunting to the next level. It contains a system that rotates the cams in a complete circle, providing access to all angles on the move. It’s accurate, compact, and one of the speediest crossbow options you will find on the market today.

Key Features

There are many features packed into the Ravin Crossbow Kit, designed to provide a quality experience while hunting. Let’s go over a few of the most notable.


Here are a few of the features you will note with this product:


  •       Cocking system with a removable draw mechanism
  •       Adjustable turret system
  •       Fully assembled and pre-tuned device
  •       Built-in sling mounts


It’s a high-class crossbow with many features to enjoy.


You will enjoy a fast and precise experience with the Ravin. It is one of the best in its category.


How Does It Perform

The Ravin Crossbow performs well in the wild. It provides an innovative system, allowing you to take advantage of all areas fast. Its proprietary compact makeup makes portability better than ever. It’s harder to miss with this bow by your side.

Ease Of Use

The Rain is also easy to use. The circling movement is much easier to aim than predecessors, and it will move fast once you lock onto a target. It’s compact, so it weighs less than competitors. You don’t have to worry about carrying a hefty weight if you want to go hunting with the unique crossbow option instead of a gun or large bow. 

Field-Tested Construction

The Ravin Crossbow is built with items like an anti-dry fire auto safety and adjustable turrets to operate well on the field. It comes pre-assembled and adjusted, fitted perfectly to remove any complexity from the process. It is tested and approved.