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Shield SMS2 – Shield Mini Sight 2.0 – 4MOA (Glass Edition)

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The Original Mini Sight, Remastered.

THE SMS2 brings with it the 20 year legacy & benefits of the original Mini Red Dot and re-imagines it for a modern world.

The SMS2 is built in a nylon glass filled polymer and the lens has a new deluxe glass lens for extra scratch resilience to the daily wear and tear of shooting. Its iconic design still allows shooters to co-witness with standard iron sights thanks to its incredibly low profile and unobtrusive design with rear iron sight notch.

It carries on Shield’s philosophy to make its users better shooters by eliminating what is not needed and providing the shooter with just one point of focus. We don’t have a large sight housing blocking vision, dimmed lenses, buttons to switch or backup sights blocking the view. We make our sights to fit as close to the bore-line as possible, where a trained shooter is naturally going to present their pistol allowing for a seamless transition and a familiar but improved shooting experience.

Available in 1 MOA, 4 MOA, 8 MOA, 65/1 MOA Ring and Dot.


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