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Sig Sauer Alpha1 Aluminum Hunting Mounts - 30mm / Low 0.85 IN

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Size: 30mm
Ring Height: Low 0.85 IN
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Our proprietary aluminum alloy ALPHA Hunting Rings are machined with an exactness that is both strong yet ductile that allows our rings to form around a riflescope, yet will not damage scope under proper installation. The steel rings are epoxy powder coated to prevent oxidation and resist gun oils, cleaning solutions, and outdoor exposure.


- Aluminum 1913 rail rings 
- Covered by SIG SAUER’s Infnite Guarantee


Torq Specifications for Alpha Hunting Mounts

To Rail (1/2” SOCKET): 65in/lbs
To Scope (T15-TORX): 25in/lbs


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