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SIRUI T-0S Series Ultra-Compact Tripod Kit With B-00 Ball Head - T004SK+B00K


  • Legs can be folded upwards by 180°
  • Centre column can be extended and exchanged for a short one (included)
  • Reversible 1/4 & 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or camera
  • Smooth-running twist locks - half turn is enough to loosen and tighten
  • Stabilizing hooks and cold protection handles made of non-slip sponge rubber


  • Extendable and detachable center column
  • Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or camera
  • Legs can be folded upwards by 180°, head is enclosed
  • Smooth-running twist locks - half turn is enough to loosen and lock
  • Leveling bubble in the shoulder
  • Carabiner for stabilization and three cold protection handles


  • Quick release lever for extra strong hold
  • 360° panorama function with 5° scale
  • Rubberized interchangeable plate - Dimensions: 30x38mm
  • Interchangeable plate with 1/4" stainless steel screw - Head with 3/8" thread
  • Safety Lock System prevents the plate from slipping
  • 90° portrait notch
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Specs Highlights:
Aluminium & Magnesium
Tube diameter
13 - 22mm
14 - 140cm


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Small travel tripod with head

The modern SIRUI tripods of the T04S series bring lightness into the photographer's life. Despite their very compact design, they offer a secure hold for the camera in every situation. The equipment also includes a B-00 ball head.

The legs can be swivelled upwards by 180°. Each leg consists of 4 sections with 3 sealed ring locks. The rubber feet allow the tripod to stand securely on any surface. Due to the very narrow tripod shoulder, the tripod is extremely narrow in diameter when folded and therefore fits in almost any photo bag.

For close-to-the-ground shots, the center column can be turned around. A stabilizing hook on the center column is just as much part of the SIRUI standard as the two cold protection handles and the transport bag.


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The ultra-compact T0S series tripods are specifically designed to be small and lightweight travel tripods. They are the perfect choice for the needs of today's travel photographers.

The legs swivel up 180° to enclose the ball head. With the three adjustable leg angles and its rubber feet, the small tripod meets its requirements in any terrain.

A levelling bubble in the shoulder helps with alignment. And if you don't want to go quite so high, you can remove the two-stage center column and mount the head directly on the shoulder.

With a foam rubber grip on each leg, the tripod sits securely in your hand, whether in cold or hot temperatures.

"S-Grade" tripod generation

The S-Grade design with its ergonomically curved legs, offers the user a comfortable operation. The arc shape also allows for improved load distribution on each leg for greater stability. The tripod shoulders are also made of a magnesium alloy that provides a good grip. This ensures excellent shock absorption and improved stability.

A smart head - the B-00 ball head

The B-00 ball head works smoothly and reliably. Its quick release lever provides an extra strong hold and the Safety Lock System with Security Pin, secures the quick release plate and releases it at the push of a button. The base can be rotated 360°, ideal for panoramic shots. The small head supports cameras up to a weight of 5kg and is the ideal complement to the T0S tripod.

Model T004SK+B00K
Material Aluminium & Magnesium
Tube diameter 13 - 22mm
Height 14 - 140cm
Pack size 40cm
Weight 1kg
Max. Load Capacity 5kg
Color black
B00K ball head
Material aluminium
Max. Load Capacity 10kg
Height 75mm
Ball diameter 29mm
Weight 210g
Color black
Scope of delivery
1x SIRUI T-004SK tripod aluminium black
1x SIRUI B-00K ball head with TY-C10 interchangeable plate
1x short center column 9,5cm
1x carrying bag
*camera not included in delivery