Steiner Optics Nighthunter H35

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Steiner's Nighthunter Thermal Handheld delivers exceptional performance on the darkest of nights with crisp, clear images in a durable and reliable thermal optic.

The heart of H35 is Quantum Vision. A perfect combination of a state-of-the-art thermal sensor, outstanding display quality and proprietary software. Quantum Vision technology, together with outstanding usability, handling and legendary ruggedness, creates the thermal hand scanner you’ve been waiting for!

The Nighthunter line of thermal optics is a revolution of Steiner’s drive to improve low light performance and an expansion of the highest performing, most durable optics on earth. Hunt confidently with Nighthunter - OWN THE NIGHT!

  • Exceptional Optical Performance - Quantum Vision
  • Rugged Durability - Designed to operate in all conditions
  • Easy to Use - Manual Objective Focus
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life - Rechargeable Internal Battery 
  • Internal Recording - Push of a Button
  • Mobile App - Optional Control and Recording 

    Core/Thermal Sensor

    • The Sharpest Thermal Images: 640x512 Thermal Sensor
    • Real-Time Imagery: Fast and Smooth Automatic Calibration
    • Clear Pictures of Moving Targets: High Frame Rate

    Steiner Algorithm

    • Wherever - Whenever: Steiner High-speed Software
    • See While Others Guess: High contrast and outstanding sensitivity
    • Customizable Output: Various modes and color palettes


    • Optimal Visibility - in any Light Condition: High quality OLED display
    • Comfortable Observation: 1280x960 Resolution


    • Man: 1800 m
    • Vehicle: 4400 m
    • Deer: 3200 m
    • Coyote: 2000 m


    • Man: 450 m
    • Vehicle: 1100 m
    • Deer: 825 m
    • Coyote: 500 m


    • Man: 225 m
    • Vehicle: 550 m
    • Deer: 400 m
    • Coyote: 250 m

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