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Steiner Predator 4 Series 4-16x50 Scope E3 Reticle

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Take your hunting game to the next level with the Steiner Predator 4 6-24x50 Scope. This riflescope offers a generous field of view, making it a clear winner in terms of light transmission. You can rely on its top-tier optical clarity to achieve superior results even in low light areas.

The Predator's second focal plane E3 reticle is built with hunters in mind. It promotes full visibility for your crosshairs, regardless of which magnification setting you choose. With 11 easily adjustable brightness levels, this riflescope ensures that you'll be prepared in any kind of lighting, day or night.

Customization is easier than ever with the Predator. It provides a wide range of zoom options to fit your specific needs. Overall, this riflescope is one of the most versatile options on the market, fitting various hunting pursuits.

The E3 reticle includes crosswind reference marks at 5 mph and 10 mph for each 100 yard increment. Bullet drop compensation (BDC) holdover marks are also included for every 100 yard increment for the vertical crosshair.

If you're looking for the classic ruggedness of Steiner with enhanced power, the Steiner Predator 4 6-24x50 Scope is the tool you're missing.

Included Accessories: Battery, Lens Cloth, Lens Cover


  • Rugged and lightwight
  • Best-In-Class optical clarity
  • Industry leading light transmission
  • Versatile for different hunting pursuits
  • Predator diamond coating


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