Diamondback Vs Venom Rifle Scope

When you are on the hunt for a new rifle scope, it’s critical to find the best choice for your money. We will look at the Diamondback and Venom rifle scopes and determine which is ideal for the average person.

Differences Between Diamondback And Venom

There are many critical differences between the Diamondback and Venom rifle scopes. They are practical models any hunter can benefit from on the field, but they also provide different features. If you’re trying to determine the best choice, it’s vital to know what sets them apart.


Here are a few items we will cover:


  • Main tube
  • Magnification
  • Focal plane
  • Accessories
  • Objective


These are vital to the function of the rifle scope.


Let’s talk more about what sets the Diamondback apart from the Venom. The more you know, the better informed your choice can be for your rifle scope. Let’s discuss how these stand apart and which one is the best.

Main Tube

The main tube is one of the most critical items to consider with the Diamondback versus Venom rifle scope. The diameter of the main tube can influence your line of sight and help determine how well your shooting experience might be.


Here are the diameters for the main tube on each:


  • Diamondback: 30 mm
  • Venom: 34 mm


One is slightly larger than the other.


In terms of the main tube, the Venom comes out on top. The bigger the diameter, the more light can filter through the front. The hunter will get a much better shot with something with a bigger diameter.


That’s not to say that the Diamondback does not have an excellent main tube. It is only four millimeters shorter than the Venom, so it’s an ideal backup if the Venom does not seem like a plausible option.

Winner: Venom


Magnification on a rifle scope is another critical component to consider. A quality magnification will allow you to see things further away, which benefits the overall experience in the wild. The higher the magnification levels, the better.


The Diamondback has a magnification of 6 to 24 by 50 or 4 to 16 by 44. This magnification is decent and offers variety for the individual behind the rifle scope.


On the other hand, the Venom has a magnification of 5 to 25 by 56. It has less variety, but you will get a stronger magnification from the tool.


In magnification, the Venom comes out on top. It doesn’t have as much variety, but what it does have surpasses everything in the Diamondback right away.

Winner: Venom

Focal Plane

The focal plane permits the person behind the rifle to focus on a target. There are many different focal plane options on the market, from the first focal plane to the second focal plane and everything in between. Let’s dive into the focal planes inside the Diamondback and Venom rifle scope.


The Diamondback has a first focal plane installed inside the scope. This item has a reticle positioned towards the front of the erector tube and magnification lens. Therefore, the reticle is the same size no matter what level the magnification is in the scope.


The Venom has a first focal plane as well. It allows for similar assistance to a user of a Diamondback.


There isn’t much difference in the focal plane between these rifle scopes. Both allow for an accurate aim and view of the world through the main tube of the rifle.

WInner: Tie


Accessories are critical to consider in a rifle scope. These items can make your shooting experience better and improve the quality of the gun with a few simple additions.


The Diamondback boasts a sunshade, which can reduce overexposure and improve visibility. It reduces glare that could ruin a shot.


The Venom also has a sunshade for reducing glares. It also has a pull lever, which increases the speed of switches between magnification levels.


The addition of the pull lever makes the Venom a better choice. You can have a more efficient experience with this option.

Winner: Venom


The objective on a rifle scope is the lens that sits the furthest away from your eye. It is often the biggest part of the tube body and has an impact on the light that enters the main lens. Let’s talk about the diameter of the objective lens in the Diamondback and the Venom.


The Diamondback has an objective lens that is 40 mm across. This size is decent and allows excellent vision from the person behind the gun.


On the other hand, the Venom boasts a 56 mm objective lens. That’s a difference of almost 16 mm.


If you want more light, go with the Venom. It is bigger and will allow more light in the rifle scope. Still, the Diamondback puts up a little bit of a fight with its objective.

Winner: Venom

Which Is Better: The Diamondback Or Venom?

We’ve gone over many traits that come with each rifle scope. Each product has an advantage in a different category. Now, it’s time to determine our pick for the best rifle scope to help you make the best choice for your next shooting experience.


The Diamondback has a lot of excellent qualities. It has a variety of magnifications, a decent main tube, and proficient accessories. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come close to the other rifle scope we looked at in this article.


We think the Venom rifle scope is the winner with these two rifle scopes. It is the better rifle scope, so you can be sure it will last a long time in the wild. It also boasts a no-stop system to ensure you get the ideal experience every time.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a rifle scope, it’s critical to get the best option for your money. The Diamondback and Venom are excellent rifle scopes, but the Venom slides forward as the best choice.


It’s critical to do your research before purchasing a rifle scope, no matter your experience level in the hunting world. The more you know, the better the access to the best selections.


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