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Katelyn Schniepp

About Katelyn

Katelyn Schniepp is a 23-year-old Florida native with a deep-rooted passion for fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors. She has wholeheartedly embraced her passions by sharing her adventures through social media, aiming to inspire and mentor like-minded young women in these pursuits.

Having collaborated with prominent brands such as HEYDUDE, FreeFly Apparel,and LunkerHunt, Katelyn has established herself within the outdoor industry. She is the founder of Wild Wave Marketing, LLC, specializing in digital marketing and social media strategies tailored for fishing, hunting, and outdoor businesses. Her expertise spans SEO, content strategy, and social media marketing, areas she continually expands to elevate brands in these unique sectors.

When she's not catching bass or pursuing hogs, Katelyn dedicates her time toabsorbing knowledge in marketing through articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts. Her mission is to fostergenuine connections and demonstrate that women can thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries.