Sionyx Opsin Night Vision Monocular

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Sionyx brings innovation to the traditional night device market with the introduction of the Opsin. Opsin leverages Sionyx proprietary xqe 1350 sensor to deliver exceptional low light capabilities. This sensor technology is US DOD approved. The system enables users to sese and record vivid color images and videos while target of interest in moonless starlight environments down to less than 1 millilux seeing well beyond human eyesight record video and images to the onboard SD card with up to 256 Gb of storage for data and evidence collection after action review and enhanced training capabilities. The full color image provided by Opsin increases operator efficiency with additional visual information while reducing fatigue and training requirements. The solid state nature of the technology offers improved product lifespan and stability without the risk of tube degradation like in traditional night vision devices. The camera wont be damaged if its exposed to bright light or daylight so it can be used during the day for training and drills with a jurisdiction and classification of EAR99. Opsin is available globally with minimal export restrictions. This monocular will change the way professional users operate in the dark. Lets walk through the features, Opsin offers flexible helmet mounting options with a standard dovetail interface. Mounting is simple for hands-free solution, it can be used with either eye with glasses or goggles and offers ample eye relief with a comfortable rubber eye cup. The swing arm is designed to span from the flip up helmet mount to the operator's eye. It is adjustable and reversible to accommodate any operator,   the quick release button simplifies mounting and is mounted onto the mini rail or you can set the screw for permanent installation. The rubber lens cap clips down out of the way or it can be removed for extended operations. The small front pouch secures the battery to the back of your helmet with the hook and loop patch; the sealed rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hrs of operation on a full charge made of glass reinforced polycarbonate. Opsin is durable and lightweight at only 10.6 ounces or 301 grams with the companion battery pack; the systems created a balanced helmet weight distribution for low fatigue during a long deployment. Opsin is drop tested at 2 meters passing beyond mill standards. Its ip67 rated so its dust proof and submersible up to 1 meter for up to 30 min. Opsin is low maintenance and it is ready to perform in any environment with any weather conditions. It has a simple 3 button user interface with quick functions and navigation of the internal menu and a built-in microphone. The objective lens is focusable and the eye diopter is adjustable, you also get a wide true edge to edge field of view at 44 degrees. The extra large 1920x1080 HD Micro OLED display and customer eyepiece provide 25 mm of eye relief for a fully immersive experience. This display presents metadata with a minimal overlay keeping your view clear allowing you to maintain complete situational awareness. The adjustable refresh rate provides flexibility and adaptability for walking or standard stair operations. This digital technology preserves the image quality across the full field of view to perceive vivs colors and sharp blacks. You can maintain geo awareness with an onboard digital magnetic compass and GPS antenna view your current coordinates and pointing angle on the display to facilitate navigation with less tools in hand. Geotag all recorded data for precise documentation. The onboard wifi and Bluetooth will connect to the sionyx companion app so you can implement over air firmware updates in the field. 
What’s in the Box
OPSIN camera
Eye Cup
Eye Bumper
swing Arm 
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery Charger with International Plug Adapters
32GB microSD card
Power Cable
Adjustment Tool Kit
Helmet Mounting Kit Custom MOLLE Carry Bag with Detachable Battery Pouch


  • <1 millilux moonless starlight night vision
  • Extra-large 1920x1080 HD micro-OLED display with a custom eyepiece for 25mm eye relief 
  • 44 degree field of view for maximum situational awareness 
  • Photo, video, and audio recording 
  • Manual focus of objective lens and diopter
  • Onboard digital magnetic compass and GPS to document and geo-tag location
  • Up to 256GB on-board storage 
  • Battery provides up to eight hours of operation with a full charge
  • Flexible helmet mounting options with a standard dovetail interface
  • Adjustable and reversible swing arm with quick-release button
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop test   
  • IP67 rated: water-resistant at 1m/30min submersion, vibration/shock, salt/sand


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