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Sionyx Aurora Black I True-Color Digital Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Sionyx Aurora Black I True-Color Digital Night Vision Camera
  • Enjoy clear vision in low-light conditions with near moonless starlight night vision technology.
  • Keep your camera safe from water damage with its IP67 water resistance rating.
  • Share your footage easily by wirelessly streaming it to your smart device using the SIONYX mobile app.
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Sionyx Aurora PRO Night Vision Sports and Action Camera
SIONYX Sionyx Aurora PRO Night Vision Sports and Action Camera
  • Provides high-quality night vision capabilities using moonless starlight technology
  • Includes GPS, compass, and accelerometer for enhanced situational awareness
  • Resistant to water and dust with an IP67 rating
  • Allows wireless streaming to a smart device via the SIONYX mobile app
  • Large storage capacity of up to 256 GB
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  • Capable of withstanding weapon use with .223/5.56 ammunition
  • Includes GPS and compass metadata for time and location tracking
  • Recoil-activated capture feature utilizes accelerometer technology
  • Comes with a 940nm IR illuminator for low-light scenarios
  • Features a rail mount for the 940nm IR illuminator
  • Includes a USB charger for convenient charging
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  • Capable of handling weapons rated for .223/5.56 calibers
  • Equipped with GPS and compass functionalities
  • Records metadata including time and location
  • Recoil-activated capture enabled by an accelerometer
  • Comes with a 940nm IR illuminator and a rail mount for it
  • USB charger included
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SIONYX Sionyx Backcountry Adventure Kit
  • The Sionyx Backcountry Adventure Kit includes an Aurora Sport camera and a handheld Aurora Explorer IR flashlight.
  • The Aurora Sport camera is capable of capturing HD video and photos in low-light conditions, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.
  • The camera has a rugged and waterproof design, making it ideal for use in challenging environments such as the backcountry.
  • The camera features a built-in GPS system and compass, allowing users to navigate and record location data during their adventures.
  • The Aurora Explorer IR flashlight is also designed for use in low-light conditions, with an IR illuminator that provides clear visibility even in complete darkness.
  • The flashlight has a lightweight and compact design, making it easy to carry in a backpack or pocket during outdoor activities.
  • Both the camera and the flashlight are rechargeable, providing convenient and reliable power for extended adventures.
  • The kit also includes a range of accessories, such as a camera mount and a carrying case, to make it easy to use and transport the equipment.
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Sionyx Aurora IR Night Vision Camera with Compass, GPS & Accelerometer
SIONYX Sionyx Aurora IR Night Vision Camera with Compass, GPS & Accelerometer
  • The camera has near moonless starlight night vision capability.
  • It comes equipped with GPS, compass, and accelerometer.
  • The camera is water-resistant with an IP67 rating.
  • Users can wirelessly stream footage to a smart device through the SIONYX mobile app.
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Sionyx Opsin Night Vision Monocular
Sionyx Opsin Night Vision Monocular
  • <1 millilux sensitivity to moonless starlight for exceptional low-light visibility
  • An extra-large 1920x1080 HD micro-OLED display with a custom eyepiece that allows for 25mm eye relief
  • A 44-degree field of view for maximum situational awareness
  • Capability to capture photos, videos, and audio recordings
  • Manual focus of the objective lens and diopter for enhanced clarity
  • An onboard digital magnetic compass and GPS to document and geo-tag location
  • Up to 256GB of on-board storage
  • Battery provides up to eight hours of operation on a full charge
  • Flexible helmet mounting options with a standard dovetail interface
  • An adjustable and reversible swing arm with a quick-release button
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop test standards
  • IP67 rated for water-resistance at 1m/30min submersion, vibration/shock resistance, and resistance to salt/sand
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Sionyx Nightwave Marine Night Vision Camera
SIONYX Sionyx Nightwave Marine Night Vision Camera
  • Uses SIONYX's patented Black Silicon CMOS sensor for ultra low-light marine navigation
  • Helps mariners detect obstacles and debris in moonless starlight, avoiding collisions and maximizing time on the water
  • Easy to set up and mount in various ways
  • Analog output and clear color digital night vision display
  • Rugged with an IP67 rating protecting against water, sand, salt, and dust
  • Sensitive to less than 1 MLX in moonless starlight, allowing it to see beyond human eyesight
  • 44º field of view increases situational awareness
  • Seamlessly integrates with major brand MFDs via analog video output
  • Controlled through WiFi communication
  • Dry nitrogen purged to prevent lens fogging, safe to use in inclement weather conditions
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