SIONYX Aurora PRO Night Vision Sports and Action Camera

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Key Features:

Moonless Starlight Night Vision In Stunning True Color

Weapon Rated At 4000 Rounds of M4 .223/5.56 Mounting With Picatinny Rail

Steam Full HD Video Wirelessly To Nearby Digital Devices Via The SiOnyx App

See More Detail & More Distance With The SIONYX Aurora PRO


The SiOnyx Aurora Pro was designed to be the top-tier option in the Aurora product line, being perfect for security, law enforcement, and private contractors. It is best used for not just hunting and game cam uses, but also for industry-leading surveillance and evidence-gathering operations. The natural color allows the Aurora Pro to be used on the water as well, where it can be leveraged to assist in spotting hazards or MOB situations.


How It Performs:

The SiOnyx Aurora Pro was designed to be a best-in-class option for the moonless starlight night vision market. It provides the most accurate depiction of the surroundings possible and allows for natural distinctions between differently-colored objects and features. The built-in GPS and accelerometer functionality provides additional features depending on the use and can be used to interface with augmented reality applications.

  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Includes the powerful 940nm infrared illuminator
  • Charges easily and quickly with the included micro-USB cable
  • 32GB microSD card included
  • GPS tagging allows expanded functionality for professional and technical users

Easy To Use:

  • Buttons aren’t too crowded and are easy to press cleanly
  • The power button is easy to find by touch, just as the rest of the buttons once you learn them
  • Includes Ram Mounts, for easy integration with various environments, including marine and ATV uses
  • The remote viewing functionality allows users to view footage from the camera on the smartphone app in real-time, drastically expanding its potential uses even into areas like surveillance and securing property
  • The Aurora Pro is able to stream video incredibly easily, making sharing much quicker and easier than in the past

Field-Tested Construction:

  • Rugged design appeals to a wide range of industries, from hunting to private security, and even those in the film industry have noticed the small but incredibly capable Aurora Pro
  • Waterproof to 3ft for up to 30 minutes means this camera can be submerged for quite some time and will stand up to the most demanding environmental stressors
  • The water-resistant case adds additional padding, waterproofing, and security
  • A chunky body allows for an easy and secure grip

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