SiOnyx Aurora Black I True-Color Digital Night Vision Camera

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Key Features:

The World’s Most Advanced Color Night Vision Monocular

Moonless Starlight Capable Long Range Full-Color Night Vision

Can Sync To SiOnyx App For Remote Viewing & Operation In Tactical Situations

Can Be Weapon-Mounted Up To .223/5.56 & Comes With Picatinny Mounting


SiOnyx has created the Aurora Black to provide a best-in-class night vision solution for those who require them for recreational or hunting applications. The robust waterproofing and long-range natural color and infrared night vision are clearer and brighter than any competitor. Can be utilized as a hand-held monocular, but also as a weapon scope, trail or game camera, hunting camera or spotting scope, and even a nautical navigational aid.


How It Performs:

The Aurora Black hit the market intent on being one of the best night vision devices available, and it has delivered. The coloration in the viewing window isn’t based on anything except visible light. It takes the available light, however dim, and intensifies it, so red things still look red, and blue things still look blue, and none of it is based on thermal data, but on digital imaging sensor input.

  • Super-advanced IR CMOS sensor is able to pick up the smallest amounts of light, helping you see a better picture in all light levels
  • Ultra-long-range night vision allows incomparable IR night vision in monochrome or full-color night vision
  • Can stand up easily to weapon-mounted operation, up to .223/5.56, and includes its own Picatinny rail mount and needed hardware
  • Includes 32GB microSD card
  • 2-year warranty

Easy To Use:

  • Provides the nearest thing to natural vision, except in ultra-low light conditions where the only other option is often a thermal imaging solution of some sort
  • Can easily sync to a SiOnyx app on another smart device for instant wireless video streaming, or to be used as a drone cam, trail cam, game cam, hunting cam, or boating navigation aid. 
  • Easily take time-lapse sets

Field-Tested Construction:

  • Water-resistant and IP67 rated, allowing the optics to remain 3ft underwater for up to 30 minutes
  • 16mm f/1.4, f2.0, f5.6 lens
  • Mount once, then turn the entire night into a short movie with time-lapse creativity
  • Box includes two (2) camera batteries, so one can always be charged while the other is in use

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