Red dot sight

Red dot sights are revolutionary aiming devices that have significantly altered the landscape of both professional and recreational shooting. Fundamentally, a red dot sight is an optical device designed to enhance the speed and accuracy of target acquisition. 

It works by projecting a red (or sometimes green) light reticle, usually a dot, onto a lens to assist the shooter in aiming. The "dot" serves as an accurate point of aim, superimposed on the target regardless of the viewer's perspective, offering a distinct advantage in rapid target alignment.


Red Dot Sights from the Start 

The first commercial red dot sight, termed an "Electronic Sight", was introduced by Aimpoint in 1975, revolutionizing firearm aiming systems. Since then, these devices have evolved considerably in terms of efficiency, size, weight, and power consumption, making them a popular choice for law enforcement, military operations, and shooting enthusiasts alike. 

From hand pistols to tactical rifles, red dot sights have earned a distinguished place in various shooting disciplines, continually evolving to satisfy the dynamic needs of modern marksmanship.

Detailed Explanation of a Red Dot Sight

Working Mechanism of a Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sights work by utilizing an LED light, which shines onto a specially crafted spherical mirror. The mirror reflects the light towards the eye of the shooter, creating the signature red dot over the target in the eyepiece, without projecting anything toward the target itself. 

The key element to note is that the red dot always appears to be aligned with the weapon regardless of the viewer's position, ensuring rapid target acquisition and increased accuracy.

Reflex Sights 

These are the most common and work by reflecting an LED light off a convex lens, producing the 'red dot'. The dot or reticle, when lined up with your target, can greatly increase shooting accuracy. Reflex sights offer unlimited eye relief and a wide field of view, making them ideal for quick target acquisition in close-quarter environments.

Holographic Sights 

These advanced optics use laser transmission holography to create a lit sighting reticle on a clear viewing window. This technology allows for greater precision at longer ranges and offers superior visibility in both low-light and bright conditions. Major manufacturers of such sights include EOTech and Vortex.

Key Parts of a Red Dot Sight

  • Optical Lens: This crucial component reflects the LED light to form the 'red dot' on target. The quality of the lens impacts clarity, brightness, and field of view.
  • LED Source: The LED (Light Emitting Diode) produces the light, forming the red dot seen through the sight. 
  • Control Buttons: These are essentially used to make adjustments to the sight like adjusting brightness levels or turning on/off the device.
  • Battery: Powers the LED light and the functionality of the sight. Some red dot sights have impressive battery lifetimes measured in years under typical use.
  • Housing/Mount: The external casing (often made of metal) protects the internals of the sight, and holds everything, including the lens and LED, in place. Sights are mounted on the gun's rail system.
  • Adjustment Knobs: These knobs allow the user to adjust the windage and elevation of the sight, ensuring alignment with the weapon's point of impact.

Each part plays a crucial role in the operation of the red dot sight, contributing to their reputation for quick target acquisition, ease of use, and versatility across a range of shooting situations.

Benefits of Using a Red Dot Sight

Red dot sights offer several benefits that enhance shooting precision and user experience in diverse shooting conditions, whether professional or recreational.

Target Acquisition Speed

One of the prime benefits of a red dot sight is the significantly enhanced target acquisition speed. With red dot sights, you get an unobscured field of view that allows for rapid focus on both the reticle and the target, a reduction in parallax, and the option to shoot with both eyes open. 

This combination dramatically increases your ability to locate and move between targets effectively and efficiently. By eliminating the need for aligning front and rear sight post, red dot sights simplify the aiming process, allowing for quicker shot deployment compared to traditional iron sights.

Durability and Recoil Resistance

Built with a robust housing, most red dot sights are engineered to withstand harsh environments and the high-impact recoil of powerful firearms, making them a durable choice for varied shooting applications. 

They are typically water, shock, and fog-proof ensuring that a little rough handling or adverse weather won't affect their performance or longevity. Some red dot sights even offer armor-coated exteriors for extra protection.

Battery Life

The efficiency of battery life in red dot sights is impressive. Higher-end models boast battery life that can last up to several years under typical use, relieving users of frequent battery replacement concerns. Even mid-range models offer substantial operational life, making battery life one less thing to worry about when aiming for that perfect shot.

Compatibility with Firearms

Red dot sights bring in a high level of versatility as they are compatible with a wide range of firearms including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The compatibility spans across various rail systems - whether Weaver, Picatinny, or others. This broad compatibility allows both professional and hobbyist shooters to equip any of their firearms with a reliable aiming system. 

How to Co-Witness a Red Dot Sight

Co-witnessing is a backup aiming system that combines the use of iron sights with your mounted red dot sight. It ensures that you're not left defenseless if your red dot sight fails due to battery drain, damage, or any other unforeseen circumstances. 

Essentially, if your optic fails, your iron sights are immediately available as a backup, eliminating the need to remove the optic from the firearm. Co-witnessing also simplifies the sight-in process by allowing shooters to set their red dot's point of aim based on their already adjusted iron sights.

Absolute Co-witness

In an absolute co-witness setup, the iron sights and the reticle of your red dot sight align perfectly within the same sight picture, appearing on the same sight plane when you aim. To set up an absolute co-witness, you would mount the red dot sight on the firearm's rail at the same height as the iron sights, so that the red dot aligns directly with the iron sights. This setup allows you to use the red dot and the iron sights independently or simultaneously. 

Lower Third Co-Witness

A lower third co-witness setup situates the iron sights in the lower third portion of the optic's viewing window when aiming. To set this up, the red dot sight is mounted slightly higher than the iron sights. When looking through the sight, the red dot hovers above the iron sights, creating two independent sight pictures. 

However, by shifting your focus slightly downward, you still have the option to use your iron sights as a reference. This arrangement is often preferred as it offers an uncluttered view for the red dot and only uses the iron sights when needed.

Neither absolute nor lower-third co-witnessing is inherently better than the other; it's about personal preference and what works best for your needs. Both methods provide a backup aiming system that allows you to remain operational and accurate, even in the face of optic failure.


Advantages of Red Dot Sights for Different Shooting Situations

Red dot sights are incredibly versatile, providing significant advantages across an array of shooting scenarios. Let's explore some specific situations where a red dot sight can elevate your performance.

Use in Low-Light Conditions

Red dot sights excel in low-light conditions. The bright, easy-to-spot red or green reticle offers clear visibility even when the environment is dimly lit. Certain models further enhance this feature by offering adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the brightness level to perfectly match your surroundings. When paired with illumination, this kind of visibility directly contributes to accurate target acquisition and follow-up shots, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Use for Moving Targets

For rapidly moving targets, red dot sights offer unparalleled benefits. The generously wide field of view facilitates easier tracking of the target, while the simple shooting mechanics — keeping the dot on the target — ensure fast and accurate shots. The ability to shoot with both eyes open also presents the advantage of maintaining full situational awareness, critical when dealing with multiple or moving targets.

Use for Long Range vs Short Range

While red dot sights are predominantly thought of for short-range or CQB (Close Quarters Battle) scenarios, they are not limited to that. With practice and proper techniques, you can effectively use a red dot sight for mid to long-range shots, especially when combined with target magnifiers. At short range, the red dot allows for rapid target acquisition while at longer distances, the dot facilitates precise shooting by leaving the target largely unobscured. 

Picking the Right Red Dot Sight

Choosing the right red dot sight can significantly improve your shooting experience. Here are some crucial factors to consider and popular choices in the current market.

Factors to Consider 

  • Size and Weight: Before investing in a red dot sight, consider the size and weight that would be best suited to your firearm and use-type. Larger sights typically offer bigger objective lens diameter, providing a wider field of view, whereas smaller ones are lightweight and less bulky. 
  • Battery Life: Opt for a red dot sight with a long battery life for sustained performance. Some models feature power-saving technologies like auto-shutdown and brightness adjustment to prolong battery life.
  • Reticle Size and Brightness: Choose a sight that allows for adjustment of reticle size and brightness. A larger dot is ideal for close-range, rapid-fire, while a smaller dot offers precision at longer distances.
  • Durability: Look for sights that have a robust construction, can resist recoil, and have a water, shock, and fog-resistant design. These will ensure the longevity and reliability of the sight.
  • Mounting Options: Compatibility with your firearm’s mounting system is crucial. Most red dot sights are versatile and compatible with common mounting rails like Picatinny and Weaver.
  • Co-Witnessing Capability: If you plan to use your iron sights as a backup, consider if the sight allows for co-witnessing and what type – absolute or lower 1/3rd.

Popular Brands and Models

Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic)

Known for its incredibly long battery life (30,000 hours), this robust, highly reliable sight is a popular choice among professionals. It also boasts compatibility with all generations of night vision devices.

Sig Sauer Romeo5

This compact sight offers 2 MOA Red-Dot, 10 illumination settings, integrated M1913 Picatinny interface, and MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination), making it an excellent choice for all types of guns.

Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight 

This sight offers limitless eye relief for rapid target acquisition. Its 2 MOA reticle offers a balance between speed and precision. As a robust and durable option, it is also waterproof and shockproof. 

Holosun HS403B

Popular for its long-lasting battery life (5 years), this sight offers a 2 MOA dot and 10 brightness levels. It’s compatible with standard mounts and provides excellent value for money.

Eotech EXPS3

This sight features a unique square window instead of a tube for a wider field of view. It’s renowned for its speed of reticle to eye recognition and superior durability.


Red dot sights are indeed a technological marvel in the world of shooting. They have revolutionized the way shooters aim at their targets, providing a streamlined, efficient and intuitive system. Their working mechanism provides a distinct advantage over traditional iron sights, allowing for rapid target acquisition, and faster, more precise shooting. 

Embrace the remarkable benefits of the red dot sight and revolutionize your shooting experience. For a comprehensive collection of top-notch red dot sights from world-renowned brands, visit us at

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