Carson Series High-Definition Binoculars Review

Carson Optical is one of the leading brands for optic suppliers in the United States, and one of their popular products is the Carson Series High-Definition Binoculars. In this piece, we’ll go over every detail of this product to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

The Body

First, let’s talk about the body. The structure of a pair of binoculars will determine how easy it is to use and how long the product will last in your possession.


The weight of the binoculars will impact where you can take the pair and how long it’s possible to hold them in the air. Luckily, there is little issue with this Carson pair. At just 23.2 ounces, these binoculars are light and simple to move around and use.


This Carson Series pair is one of the lightest on the market. Next, let’s dive into the dimensions.


The Caron Series High-Definition Binoculars measure 5.5 x 5.0 x 2 inches. When the eyecups are fully out, the length of the pair goes up to 5.78 inches. When the interpupillary adjustment is at its lowest point, the width shrinks to 4.3 inches.


This size makes it simple for a standard pair of hands to hold the binoculars comfortably. They are well-balanced and simple to adjust.

Of course, dimensions mean nothing without a decent structure. Let’s discuss build quality next.

Build Quality

The frame of the Carson Series High-Definition Binoculars is coated in hard rubber armoring. This addition defends the structure from scratching and improves your grip to stop small bumps from dropping the pair.


However, there is a disadvantage to this coating. Because it’s such a hard coating, the pair is not as tactile as other options.


Another vital aspect of the durability of the binoculars includes their ability to withstand the weather. Our next section examines the fog and waterproof design of this pair.

Fog and Waterproof

This Carson pair comes to life with an O-ring seal, which makes the design waterproof. There is dry nitrogen gas inside the body, replacing the air to prevent the optics from fogging up when there are drastic shifts in the temperature.


The eye cups are another vital component for vision and comfort. Let’s talk about them next.

Eye Cups

The eye cups on this particular pair of Carsons are created from a firm plastic coated in a thick, soft rubber coating. They are comfortable enough on the eye of the user, reportedly satisfactory even when pressed firmly against the face.


The ocular lens has a diameter of 19mm, while the eyecup has an external diameter of 30mm.


The Carson Series High-Definition Binoculars had a quality twist-up method, forming a smooth mechanism. However, there aren’t many intermediate stoppings points which reduces the flexibility users may access when twisting the system to fit their eye needs.


The eye cups work in tandem with the focusing ability of the product. Let’s dive into this section next.


The focusing system on a quality pair of binoculars makes it easy to lock onto your target and make it clear in the lenses. In this Carson product, the central focusing wheel is made from a similar material as the eye cups. There are grooves cut into the design for a better grip.


The focusing wheel is 33mm, allowing ease of movement for the user, even with thick hand coverings in colder weather. The mechanism for focusing itself is designed to take one-and-a-quarter turns to move from infinity to the minimum focusing distance.


Focusing is made easy with the quality turnability of the wheel. Let’s talk about another vital adjustment area - the diopter adjustment.

Diopter Adjustment

Another aspect of a quality pair of binoculars is the diopter, The diopter adjustment in this case is on the right barrel of this pair. It sits between the eyecup and the barrel, allowing for simple access.


Unfortunately, the adjustment ring isn't very tight once pushed into position. It’s easy to jostle it out of place without much movement. It’s vital to be careful when making changes.

We’ve gone over the body and the diopter. Now, let’s discuss the optics.

The Optics

The optics are perhaps the most critical part of a pair of binoculars. These features determine how well you can see at all times of the day, impacting your ability to accomplish your desired task. Let’s talk about the lenses and prisms in the Carson Series High-Definition Binoculars.


There are top-notch lenses built into the Carson Series. They have quality coatings, allowing for extra-low dispersion of the light and optimal viewing conditions for the user.


Every air-to-glass surface on the Carson Series binoculars has multiple anti-reflective coatings, ensuring there are no glares during viewing. They are multi-fully coated, bettering light transmission for a brighter image and excellent low-light performance.

The prisms help filter the light inside the binoculars. Let’s talk about them.

The Prisms and Their Coatings

You will find BaK-4 glass inside the Caron Series Binoculars. There are also phase correction coatings on the prism glass, causing a “phase shift” when light waves reflect for minimal deterioration in sharpness.


The optics are vital for visibility. Now, let’s touch on a few optical stats.

Optical Stats

It’s helpful to know the specifics of optics on a pair of binoculars. Use these numbers to compare the Carson HD to other brands to determine if it’s right for you.

Field of View

The field of view for this product is 314 feet at 1,000 yards with a six-degree angle of view. These numbers put it above average compared to similar competitors.


Of course, the field of view means nothing without a quality close focusing distance. Let’s go over that feature next.

Close Focusing Distance

The minimum focusing distance of this product is 1.9 meters. This distance is excellent, allowing the binoculars to focus on items close to them as well as far away.


We have one more category to cover - the eye relief. Let’s discuss it.

Eye Relief

The eye relief on the Carson HD is 16mm. If you wear glasses, you should have no trouble working with that number.

We’ve talked in detail about the Carson Series HD Binoculars. Now - are they worth it?


Overall, the Carson Series HD Binoculars are a spectacular choice. Although they have flaws, there is far too much to love to push the product aside.


A quality pair of binoculars will make all the difference. Invest in this pair for a high-class experience.




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