Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex Sight

Shooters have come to love the Holosun name, and while they have some of the best holographic and red dot sights on the market, they all still suffer from a drawback found on nearly every other holographic sight: the need for batteries. The Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex aims to change this with incredible innovation.

What is SCS?

SCS is the designation for the Holosun Solar Charging Sight. The Solar Charging Sight is a reflex sight designed to be mounted on the average pistol, that features an internal battery that is constantly and automatically charged via the onboard solar panels.


The SCS-MOS is a Solar Charging Sight designed specifically with the Glock MOS platform. It has serrations in the body of the sight that integrate seamlessly with the Glock slide serrations. The deck is low-profiled, so the iron sights can still be used with the SCS installed.

What are the benefits of SCS?

The biggest benefit of SCS is that you don’t need to change the batteries. In fact, the battery is internal and cannot be changed. With the Solar Charging Sight system, however, the automatically adjusting illumination could last forever, as long as the panels were being given enough light to charge the battery.


The benefits of not having to keep battery-changing functionality in a sight have the potential to make the sights smaller and more compact. You also won’t need to worry about taking the sight off the pistol to change the battery, which means you won’t have to worry about zeroing the sight each time.

Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex Sight

The SCS-MOS is a pistol-mounted reflex sight, which means you don’t see the actual reticle, you are seeing a reflection of it on specially coated glass. This glass also has special filters and anti-reflective coatings, so that glare is nearly eliminated and there is a streak-free crystal clear image.


The Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex is made from a single piece of titanium alloy. This one-piece machining means that the sight housing is made from the lightest and strongest material possible, and cuts the weight down to an incredible ounce-plus.


The small size of the Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex is surprising, considering the big, crystal clear lens on it. The numbers don’t do it justice, but the housing is just 1.93 inches long, 1.03 inches tall, and 0.91 inches wide, which gives the sight enough real estate to house a 0.77-inch wide by a 0.58-inch tall window.


This size and form factor is the core reason behind this sight fitting the MOS line like a glove. It integrates seamlessly with the trademark slide serrations on the Glock MOS and has a super low-profile deck that lets you use the Glock backup iron sights.


The weight of the Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex is one of the most amazing features, particularly if you are used to big, bulky, or heavy optics. The minuscule 1.3 oz weight will have you forgetting that it’s installed. While it is lightweight, it will still affect your shooting, so make sure you run a few practice magazines through before allowing yourself to feel too comfortable.

Power system

The power system on the Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex is arguably the most unique feature of the entire sight. It uses the combination of built-in solar panels and an internal rechargeable battery to supply power to the reflex optics system.


While in most cases, your battery will be charged and you’ll simply be operating the sight directly from the solar power system, the battery stores that excess power and allows you to draw on it in low-light conditions. This is akin to having two power systems, a solar system for daytime use, and a battery for low-light use, except that you will never have to change the battery.


The power is automatically adjusted internally, so you don’t have to worry about switching it from solar power to battery. You will also never need to worry about changing the brightness since the photosensor will adjust the reticle brightness based on ambient conditions. If you need to add a manual touch, however, there is an override.


The Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex uses Super Green (540 nm) LED technology. This is an extremely efficient laser system that projects a reticle for the user at a fraction of the power similar reflex sights use.


Holosun is known for giving its customers a wide variety of reticles to use with their innovative optics systems. On the Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex, there are three options that can be cycled through incredibly simply. You can choose between a 32-MOA circle only, a two-MOA dot, or a 32-MOA circle with a two-MOA dot.


There is a wide adjustment range for getting the sight zeroed as well, with a 30 MOA travel in either direction, with the windage and elevation adjustments giving 1 MOA per click.


Anyone with a Glock MOS pistol knows that finding attachments that fit properly is a relatively difficult proposition sometimes. This is something that the Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex does perfectly. The machining on the side of the deck matches the factory serrations exactly, so it looks like it was made for your pistol.


One of the great things about Glocks in general, but the MOS platform specifically, is the great iron sights that come with the guns. In so many cases, even though you have nice, shiny new optics, you may be hesitant to install them because the deck height may preclude you from seeing the irons. This isn’t the case with the Holosun SCS-MOS Reflex, the deck is low enough that you can use iron sights as a backup.


Additionally, even though the engineers basically made this sight immortal, they were kind enough to include a battery life indicator. This means that not only can you shoot all day while she charges up, but you can take her out at night as well, and the battery meter will make sure you always know where you stand with your power level.




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