Top Gun Accessories

Sure, shooting your gun is fun, but the fun doesn’t stop there. With all of the great gadgets and accessories that are on the market, it’s easier than ever to accessorize and personalize your firearm. From red dot systems to tactical bags, there are countless ways to improve your shooting experience.

Top gun accessories for gun owners

1. Mini Red Dot Signs and Optics for Handguns

Red dot sights remain a popular choice amongst gun enthusiasts. The ultra-small mini red dot sights are one of the hottest accessories at the moment. They’re small enough that they can be mounted to firearms of all sizes. Red dot sights improve accuracy, versatility, and speed whether you use them with a rifle or a handgun.

2. Weapon Mounted Lights for Handguns

Most guns come with at least one place where you can mount various accessories, from scopes to night vision optics to lights. Weapon-mounted lights are a great idea for your defensive handgun. Having the ability to see your target in any lighting situation can increase your accuracy should it come time to pull the trigger.

3. The Striker Control Device Is Back For Glock Pistols (A Must For Appendix Carry)

For those that prefer to carry a Glock, you may be carrying in the appendix position. The downside to this is that the trigger guard area can become dangerous if anything gets jammed or caught in it. Luckily you can use a striker control device, which helps prevent the striker from moving to the rear and unintentionally releasing.

4. Night Vision and Thermal Scopes/Optics

When it comes to shooting at night, you must be able to see your potential target. If you’re in a defensive situation, you’re not going to want to use a light, which would give away your position. Stealth can be very important, which is where thermal and night vision optics come in handy, as they allow you to see your target without impacting your safety.

5. Laser Training Systems

With ammunition often being in short supply lately, the last thing you want to do is waste what little amount you can find. Handgun laser training systems are a fantastic choice for target practice. Rather than practicing dry-fire training techniques, which don’t provide feedback on accuracy, the laser systems show right where your bullet would hit.

6. Rifle Chassis Systems for PRS

For anyone that participates in Precision Rifle Series competitions, a chassis system is a must. With a fully adjustable option, you’ll be able to enjoy the low-tolerance systems that fit most action types, including the ever-popular Remington 700 series. These systems are fully railed and accessory friendly so you can customize them as you please.

7. Ar-15 Free-Float Handguards and Integrated Suppressor Covers

AR-15 is the top choice for anyone that wants a truly customized firearm, as they are the easiest to modify. There are a ton of options on the market, and one of the top new accessories is a free-float handguard with built-in suppressor. These are lightweight and quiet the sound your gun makes when you shoot.

8. 1-10x LPVOS (low power variable optics)

When it comes to optics, you don’t always need something with massive magnification. In fact, most shooting situations you’ll find yourself in, you only need a small amount of zoom. Low magnification optics are handy when you only need a clear view a handful of yards away. You can find LPVOs in 1-4x, 1-6x, 1-8x, and 1-10x.

9. Bluetooth Earbuds/Hearing Protection

Permanent hearing damage is not uncommon for those that have been shooting for a long time, especially for hunters that prefer to be able to hear their surroundings better. With electronic hearing protection, you don’t have to decide between maintaining your hearing and being able to hear your surroundings. These devices have settings to reduce the volume of gunshots while allowing you to hear music or ambient sounds clearly.

10. Shooting Bags, Rests, and Tables

If you want to improve your accuracy at the shooting range, there are plenty of accessories to help. The days of resting your rifle on a jacket are over. With shooting bags, tables, and rests, you have a lot of choices when it comes to stabilizing your weapon before you shoot.

11. PROTSC Tactical Gun Bag

With a tactical gun bag, not only can you rest your rifle when you head to the shooting range, you can also keep all of your tools, cleaning supplies, and accessories at hand. This can come in handy whether you’re at the shooting range or out hunting.

12. Inteliscope Pro Tactical Rifle Adapter

Magnification can be handy, but not everyone wants to use a traditional scope. This is where the Inteliscope Pro Tactical Rifle Adapter can come in handy. It allows you to mount your iPod Touch or iPhone to your rifle via Picatinny rail. From there, you can use your Apple device as a 1-5x riflescope.

13. Blaser Carbon Bipod

As we all know, ammo has been in short supply lately, so making the most of every shot is important. If you want to ensure you’re going to hit your target, being able to stabilize your gun and aim easily can make a big difference. Blaser’s carbon bipod was designed to be lightweight enough to carry with you on a hunting trip, and easy to set up. You simply open it up, rest your rifle on it, and you’re good to take your shot.

14. Cleaning Tools

One of the most important responsibilities as a gun owner is cleaning and maintaining your firearm. A clean gun is a well-working gun, so you want to make sure you have all applicable gun cleaning tools, along with any other accessories you want to have.

15. Holster

If you are interested in carrying a firearm when you go out, you need somewhere to keep it, whether you’re open or concealed carrying. A holster that you can clip onto your belt is a good option for many people, especially if you generally wear jeans or a belt anyways. Your holster should be in a place where you can quickly and swiftly draw your weapon if needed.


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