Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Razor

Scopes are critical additions to rifles, helping you determine the point of impact for your bullet. Two of the best scope options are the Vortex Strike Eagle and the Razor. This piece will discuss each product to determine which is right for you.

Technical Specifications

First up are the technical specifications of the Vortex Strike Eagle and Razor. We will discuss factors like magnification, the field of view, and exit pupil diameter. These impact how well a scope will help you see.


There are two similarities between these products when considering the technicalities. They both have a magnification of 1 to 6x and an objective lens diameter of 24 mm. However, these items are where the similarities stop.


The eye relief for the Vortex Strike Eagle is 3.5 inches, or 89 mm, while the eye relief for the Vortex Razor is 4 inches, or 102 mm. The Razor offers a more extensive viewing option for users.


There are also differences in the viewing ability, including a field of view and exit pupil diameter:


  •       Field of View: "1x: 116.5' @ 100 yd / 38.8 m @ 100 m 6x: 19.2' @ 100 yd / 6.4 m @ 100 m" for the Vortex Strike Eagle, "1x: 115' @ 100 yd / 32 m @ 100 m 6x: 20.5' @ 100 yd / 5.7 m @ 100 m" for the Vortex Razor

  •       Exit Pupil Diameter: “1x: 24 mm 6x: 4 mm" for the Vortex Strike Eagle, unspecified for the Vortex Razor


The Strike Eagle is slightly better when looking at the field of view and specified exit pupil diameter.


It’s tricky to pick a winner in the technical category, but we would have to go with the Vortex Razor for the field of view. You have a slightly better vision with the secondary scope.


Technical specifications are critical. Next, let’s talk about the available reticle on each product.


The reticle is vital for the scope, providing measurements and a more precise viewing experience when aiming the rifle. Each product has something different to offer users.


The Vortex Strike Eagle has a second focal plane AR-BDC reticle, while the Vortex Razor has a second focal plane BDC reticle.


Both products have an illuminated reticle. This ability ensures proper sights and measurements during any time of the day and weather conditions.


There is no winner in the reticle category. They are very similar, and you won’t have too different of an experience no matter which product you select.


We’ve talked about the technical specifications and the reticle on each product. Now, let’s dive into the available features.


The features are another vital component when considering a scope. These help determine how well you can adjust and correct your viewpoint through the lens, making a dramatic impact on the accuracy of the shot.


For example, the Strike Eagle and Razor offer an impact point correction of ½ MOA per click. You won’t find a difference in adjustments here.


The products also share parallax correction. Both provide this feature up to 100 yards, or 91.4 meters.


The windage adjustment is where the first variation happens. The Vortex Strike Eagle has a windage adjustment of 140 MOA, while the Razor has one of 150 MOA. The numbers apply to the elevation adjustment.


It’s a close call when examining the features of each product. They are very close, with identical impact point correction and a parallax correction ability. However, the Vortex Razor pulls ahead by 10 MOA in windage and elevation adjustment abilities.


Now, let’s talk about environmental factors. These determine how well your scope will endure in various conditions, from exposure to water to fog.


Environmental considerations are another crucial aspect of investing in a scope. If your device can’t last in water or provide sight if there is fog, it won’t serve you very well on the field. What do these devices have to offer?


Both products are waterproof. Although you shouldn’t submerge them in water if possible, the scopes will remain strong when wet. If you do accidentally submerge them, they can last for a decent time.


Both are also fog proof, filled with argon to create the ultimate resistance. This feature allows for a crisp view in any weather conditions.


There is no winner here. Both scopes are made to withstand water and will not fog up if the conditions outside are humid. You can attach them to your rifle without fear of them falling apart in poor conditions.


We’ve touched on several factors, and we’ve come to our last one - general. Let’s talk about the diameter, battery, dimensions, and weight of each product for our final comparison between the two.


The general features help determine how easy it is to use the scope and mount it on your firearm. From the tube diameter to the battery, there are many things to consider.


Both scopes offer a main tube diameter of 30. You won’t find a difference in the thickness of the products.


Here are the additional general features of the Strike Eagle and Razor:


  •       Battery: 1 x CR2032 for the Strike Eagle, None for the Razor
  •       Dimensions: Length: 10.5" / 26.7 cm for the Strike Eagle, Length: 10.1" / 26 cm for the Razor
  •       Weight: 17.6 oz / 499 g for the Strike Eagle, 21.5 oz / 609 g for the Razor


There are clear differences here.


In this category, the Razor is the winner. It is shorter and does not rely on battery power.


We’ve gone over extensive features, comparing the Vortex Strike Eagle to the Vortex Razor. Now, it’s time to pick a winner. Which product is the better choice for your needs? Should you go with the Strike Eagle or the Razor?


Although both products are excellent choices for a riflescope, there can only be one winner. Out of these two, we would have to go with the Vortex Razor. It is a little shorter in length, provides slightly better adjustment abilities, and has a better general field of view.


We hope this information was helpful! Ultimately, it’s up to you to pick the best scope for your firearm. Both the Vortex Strike Eagle and Razor are quality options, providing an enhanced viewing experience and the ability to see where your bullet will land with ease.


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