Vortex Venom Vs Razor

Optics are critical when using a firearm, opening up your vision and adjustment ability. Mini, compact optics have become more popular than ever. In this piece, we will discuss two of the most popular - the Vortex Venom and Razor - to determine the best option.

Technical Specifications

The most vital thing we will discuss is the technical specifications for each product. These include general features, optics, adjustments, environmental, and physical attributes. These define each product.


Let’s dive into the technical specifications for each product. The more you know about the Vortex Venom and Razor, the easier it will be to determine the ideal selection for your firearm needs. Both have excellent offerings for interested users.


First up are the general features. These include the basics of the system, from the reticle color to the power source used. General features are small, but they impact how you use your optics.


Both products have a red reticle color, allowing easy use even when it gets dark outside. The Vortex Razor has a reticle with a 6 MOA Dot, while the Vortex Venom has a 3 MOA Dot.


Another critical item is the power source. The Vortex Razor runs on a 1 X CR2032 battery. This powerful battery offers an excellent charge to the device. The Vortex Venom runs on a 1 X CR1632, slightly smaller than the CR2032.


Here are a few additional general features to consider:


  •       Eye Relief: Unlimited for the Razor, unspecified for the Venom
  •       Mounting: Picatinny / Weaver for the Razor, Picatinny / Weaver for the Venom


Both are sleek and sophisticated in their general makeup.


Overall, the winner in this category is the Vortex Razor. It has a better batter, offers unlimited eye relief, and has a 6 MOA Dot. These optics are similar in many ways, but there are some critical spots where the Razor comes out on top.


We’ve talked about the general features surrounding each optic. Now, let’s talk about what they offer to help you see better when using your firearm.


Next up are the optics. These features help determine what you can see through the optics. It’s ideal to select a product with features maximized to help you see the most while you are out on the hunt.


Both the Vortex Venom and the Vortex Razor have a magnification of 1x. This permits decent visibility while looking through the scope, allowing for the ultimate experience.


There is no statement about the anti-reflective coatings on the Vortex Venom or the Vortex Razor. Although this addition would be helpful, there is no indication either of those products has the coating.


There is no winner when considering the optics. Both have a magnification of 1x and do not have any information about the inclusion of anti-reflective coatings to prevent too much sunlight from entering the optic system.


The optics are valuable, defining what you can see through the lenses. However, adjustments might be necessary to have the clearest possible image. Let’s talk about the adjustment features on each optic next.


Adjustments are a vital tool to have on an optic. They help you adjust your firearm to work with impact point, windage, and elevation in an environment.


Here are the prominent adjustment features in the Vortex Venom and Razor:


  •       Impact Point Correction: 1 MOA for the Razor, 1 MOA for the Venom
  •       Windage Adjustment: 114 MOA for the Razor, 130 MOA for the Venom
  •       Elevation Adjustment: 170 MOA for the Razor, 100 MOA for the Venom


The products are close, but the Razor emerges as triumphant here. It has a much better elevation adjustment ability.


It’s simple to adjust with either device. Now, let’s talk about the operating temperatures for each optic to determine the breaking points of each technology.


Environmental considerations are also vital. Some people want to hunt in freezing conditions, while others prefer to take on super-hot conditions. Scopes can only take certain temperatures, and it’s vital to keep them away from damaging conditions.


The Vortex Razor has an operating temperature of -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or -40 to 60 degrees Celsius. The Vortex Venom does not reveal the operating temperature of the product, potentially leading to damaging use for interested buyers.


The winner in this category is the Vortex Razor. It is the only product with a specific operating temperature, and that range is excellent.


The environmental factors will influence where you can use your optic in the world. Now, let’s talk about our last category - physicals. This area includes the general dimensions and the weight of the products.


Last up, let’s consider the physical features of each product. Looking at the dimensions and weight will decide how practical it is to move your optic from one place to another. A heavy optic will be a massive issue for transportation.


Here are the dimensions and weight for each product:


  •       Dimensions: L: 1.8" / L: 4.6 cm L: 1.9 x W: 1.1 x H: 1.0" / L: 4.8 x W: 2.8 x H: 2.5 cm
  •       Weight: 1.4 oz / 39.7 g 1.6 oz / 45.4 g


There is a clear difference between the two.


The Vortex Razor is shorter and lighter than the competing Venom, allowing simple transportation by hand or in small containers. It is the clear winner of the two for the sake of easy carrying and use. A short, lightweight optic is ideal in most cases.


We’ve discussed all the features we can with Vortex Venom and Razor. Now, it’s time to select a winner. Which optic is better for your needs from what these two offer?


Both products have excellent features to offer interested users. However, there is one winner. We think the Vortex Razor is the better option of the two. It has better elevation adjustment, physical features, and operating temperature range, among other things.


We hope this information was helpful! No matter which optic selection you use, you are sure to have an excellent time. It’s really up to you to determine whether you prefer the Vortex Venom or Razor for all your magnification needs.


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