Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD

When it comes to binoculars, you’ve got plenty of options on your next purchase. There are countless brands of binoculars, each with pros and cons and unique features.

 Unfortunately, recommendations tend to fall flat when it comes to equipment such as binoculars. Your friends might have different physical needs and desires for their product than you do, and as such, the binoculars that they prefer might not earn your favor.

That reason is why your best course of option is to do your research. By personally inspecting the details and features of your prospective binoculars, you can ensure that your preferred pair of binoculars is up to par.

The Cronus G2 10X42 UHD from Athlon is no exception. This powerful tool is a beloved set of binoculars by many, but will it meet your needs? Read on to learn everything that you need to know about the Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD!

Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD Details

The Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD is a powerful set of binoculars that excels in wide-open areas with its top-end features and components.


The Athlon Cronus G2 is available in a 10x42 configuration. The ‘10x42’ refers to two significant components of any binocular.

Magnification is one of the most vital features of any set of binoculars. The purpose of any binocular is to see items in detail at a distance, and the Athlon Cronus G2 excels at this purpose.

The 10 in 10x42 stands for a binoculars magnification factor. The Athlon Cronus G2 can magnify up to 10 times its original image size.

On the other hand, the 42mm stands for the diameter of the Athlon Cronus G2’s objective lens- the small pieces of glass furthest from your face.

With wide lenses and a 10x magnification factor, the Athlon Cronus’ higher power gets you closer to the action!


Additionally, with 19.3mm of eye relief, you can always feel comfortable when looking through your Athlon Cronus G2.


The Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD contains a wide variety of features to help it stand out among its competition. Notably, its features ensure a durable and utility-filled set of binoculars. 

Its chassis is constructed out of magnesium, making it particularly durable and resistant to blunt force. However, its defenses don’t end there.

The Cronus is also resistant to expansion and contraction with temperature changes, making it an ideal tool in any environment, no matter how extreme.

Additionally, the Athlon Cronus is fully waterproof and protected against internal lens fogging, as its chassis is filled with dry Argon gas.

This Argon gas prevents fog buildup, ensuring that you maintain full visibility and that your binoculars operate as smoothly as possible.

The Athlon Cronus also features a lockable diopter adjuster and twist-up eyecups to keep your preferred settings and minimize its size, respectively.

Optical Properties

The powerful features of the Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD don’t begin and end with its durability. The Cronus also features notable optical properties! 

There are two main types of prisms for binoculars: Porro and roof prisms. Porro prisms have an offset nature and may provide a greater sense of depth perception.

On the other hand, the compact design and complex layout of the roof prism can make their respective binoculars far more convenient to hold and carry.

The Athlon features these dielectrically-coated BaK-4 roof prisms for ultimate convenience. BaK-4 refers to the superior form of optical glass used in the prism’s composition, providing higher-quality light transmission and increased sharpness.

Additionally, the fully multi-coated optical system with ED glass lenses guarantees you the best possible image when you look through the lens of an Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD!

Accessories of Athlon Cronus G2 Binoculars

Your binoculars are the most important part of your purchase. However, if the manufacturer or seller cares enough to impress their customers, you may receive some extra benefits!

Many binoculars feature accessories, but some are more useful than others. You can judge for yourself to decide which ones work best for you.

When you order an Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD, it will come with the following accessories:

  •       Carry Case
  •       Neck Strap
  •       Objective Lens Covers
  •       Rainguard
  •       Lens Cleaning Cloth

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Any high-quality product should include a warranty. The Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD is no exception.

Athlon provides an exceptional warranty for its products, especially the Cronus.

Athlon is particularly confident in the Cronus line, and the warranty that Athlon provides is an indication of their belief in this product!

Athlon offers a lifetime warranty on their Cronus binoculars, and they will replace or repair them at no cost to you should they get damaged during regular use.

Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD Specifications

As its name suggests, the Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD is a part of the Cronus G2 series manufactured by Athlon.

These binoculars have been in production since 2020 and feature an SKU of ATH111004, with a warranty of 10 years.

Optic Specifications 

The Athlon Cronus’ roof prisms are of the Schmidt-Pechan configuration, minimizing the price of the binoculars at the expense of a lower light transmission rate. It also does not feature variable magnification- you can only zoom at a distance of 10x.

The lens diameter is 42mm, while the exit pupil sits at 4.2mm. These lens sizes grant the user a field of view that measures 113 meters at 1000 meters. This measurement with its 10x magnification factor makes the Athlon Cronus less than ideal for birdwatching but ideal for seeing specific items from a great distance. 

On a related note, the Athlon Cronus’ field of view is 6.47 degrees when measured in angles.

With a close focus of 2m, you cannot see anything closer than roughly 6 feet, once again making this pair subpar for birdwatching. However, it is still exceptional for people such as hunters and hikers!

The twilight factor might be a nullified feature due to multiple advances in coating technology, but manufacturers will still provide it. For example, the twilight factor of the Cronus from Athlon is 20.49, with a relative brightness of 17.6

Additionally, the fully-multi coated nature of the Athlon Cronus lenses means that you maintain a light transmission of over 85% while also minimizing the distorting effect of water on your lens- this Athlon model is waterproof!

Size Specifications

The Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD is a mid-sized pair of binoculars boasting a length of 160mm and a width of 130mm. In imperial measurements, these translate to 6.3 and 5.12 inches, respectively.

Additionally, the Athlon Cronus G2 is a relatively light set of binoculars, weighing 936g- or just over two pounds.

Carrying this binocular will prove comfortable while also minimizing the amount of strain on your arms and neck!

 This model features its medium size and lightweight nature, both wrapped up in its dark green chassis. The Athlon Cronus G2 is just as stylish as it is useful and portable!

Operation Settings

The Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD is the world traveler’s daydream. These binoculars are fully functional in virtually any temperature or environment, and their Argon filling means you never have to worry about internal fog ruining your picture.

The Athlon Cronus G2 features both a central focusing system and a central diopter setting position. These options may minimize how much customizability you have in your settings but make them far more convenient to reach.

Additionally, with an interpupillary distance between 56 and 73, the Athlon Cronus can fit just about any face size or shape. 

The single-hinge body type of the Athlon Cronus G2 makes it ideal to carry, as you can conveniently fold it and pack it away for later.

 With a waterproof and fog-proof nature, you can ensure that your new pair of binoculars work perfectly in any environment!

 However, the Athlon Cronus G2 is not tripod-compatible. If you’re looking to make your binoculars a permanent installation, this pair is not for you.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, there is no way for anybody else to say that the Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD is the ideal set of binoculars for you. However, if you liked the specifics that you read here, it might be the perfect choice to fit your needs!

No set of binoculars is the same. Each has unique strengths and weaknesses, and the Athlon Cronus is no exception.

These binoculars do not feature the wide range that is ideal for birdwatching, but its 10x zoom factor and relatively narrow field of vision make the Athlon Cronus an exceptional option for those who want to view specific objects from a great distance, such as spotters, hunters, or hikers.

Life would be far easier if somebody could outright tell you the best option. However, this technique is not viable, as everybody has unique tastes.

 The most you can do is find the specs of each set of binoculars and compare what you like with what you don’t. Hopefully, along the way, you will find a pair that you love- perhaps the Athlon Cronus G2 10x42 UHD is that pair!


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