Athlon Optics 10x34 Argos Binocular VS Athlon Optics 10x36 Ares Binocular

Did you know that every human eye is slightly different? From the shape to the location and the colors we see, small factors can affect what preferences people have toward particular optics and binoculars.

This variable factor makes it challenging to take any product recommendation at face value. Your eyes might differ completely from those of your friends, rendering their preferences entirely useless or actively irritating for you.

As such, the best way to compare any product is to take a direct look at its features. Your binoculars are no exception!

Although they’re both by the same company, the Athlon Optics Argos and Ares are wildly different products. You might greatly prefer one over the other!

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the differences between the Athlon Optics 10x34 Argos and the 10x36 Ares. When you’ve finished reading, you’ll know exactly which binoculars will best fit your needs!


Binocular prisms exist in two forms: Porro and roof prisms. Let’s take a quick overview of the advantages of each form. 

Porro prisms feature an offset composition which provides a greater sense of depth perception for the user.

On the other hand, roof prisms feature a more complex layout and compact design. Binoculars with the traditional tubular design will feature roof prisms, and users may find them far more convenient to hold and carry.

When it comes to binocular prisms, Athlon Optics tends to prefer one method. Most of their binoculars use roof prisms!

Both Athlon models listed here feature BaK-4 roof prisms, perfect for convenient carrying across great distances.

BaK-4 refers to the form of optical glass that Athlon uses in the composition of these prisms. This superior glass allows for higher-quality light transmission and increased edge sharpness to provide the best image possible.


One of the most important factors for any set of binoculars is its performance. After all, you want the set of binoculars that will perform the best!


Both the Athlon Argos and Athlon Ares feature similar levels of magnification. You can easily tell the magnification level of your binoculars by looking at its name!

Binoculars will feature a number in their name- in these model’s cases, they are 10x34 and 10x36, respectively. The 10 in these number sequences indicates the magnification level.

Both the Argos and the Ares feature a magnification factor of 10.

Objective Lens Diameter

On the other hand, the second half of the number sequence refers to the objective lens diameter of your binoculars. 

Your objective lenses are the pieces of glass furthest from your face. A helpful way to remember this fact is that they are the ones facing your objective!

Wider objective lenses typically mean you have a wider field of view. The Athlon Argos features an objective lens diameter of 34mm, while the Athlon Ares has 36mm. In this case, the Ares model is superior.

Field And Angle Of View

Any optics, from gun sights to binoculars, will have a field of view. This term refers to the width of the area you can see through the binoculars, typically measured at 1000 yards as a standard.

The rule of thumb rings true- binoculars with wider objective lenses will have a wider field of view. The Athlon Ares has a field of view that measures 351 feet at 1000 yards, while the Athlon Argos lags with 314 feet at 1000 yards.

Additionally, the Athlon Ares has a wider angle of view, which refers to the angle at which you can see everything through your binoculars.

The Ares has an angle of view that measures 6.17 degrees, while the Argos features a flat 6 degrees.

The Ares also features a shorter minimum focus distance, which means that you can see objects closer than you can with the Argos. The Ares has a minimum focus distance of 8.2 feet, while the Argos measures in with 13 feet.

Optic Specifications

The Athlon Argos features an exit pupil diameter of 3.4mm, while the Ares utilizes a 3.6mm exit pupil diameter.

Additionally, the Argos features an eye relief of 16mm against the Ares’ 13.9mm, which means that the Argos gives your eyes more comfort than its larger cousin.

The Argos also features a superior interpupillary adjustment, with a range of 56 to 76 against the Ares’ 56 to 74.

However, both models feature a center focus type.


You love your binoculars, but how will they hold up in a harmful environment? Extreme weather changes can cause interior fog that will distort your image. 

Thankfully, both the Argos and the Areas are filled with Argon gas to negate any fog due to weather changes.

Additionally, both products are completely waterproof.


Many people do not immediately consider size when purchasing a pair of binoculars. However, even a small increase in weight can make a small pair of binoculars feel significantly heavier and more exhausting to carry! 

The Athon Argos features dimensions of 5.1 x 4.9, making them markedly smaller than the Athlon Ares, which is an inch longer at 6.1 x 4.9.

Additionally, the Athlon Ares is heavier, weighing in at 24.9 ounces against the Argos’ 16.3 ounces- or 1.56 and 1.02 pounds, respectively.

This difference makes the Athlon Argos lighter and smaller than the Ares, a perfect choice for hikers or backpackers who want a lightweight pair of binoculars to travel with!

In Conclusion

Ultimately, there is no way to definitively choose a superior set of binoculars here. One may meet your needs more than the other!

If you are a strictly feature-focused person, you will love the improved features of the Athlon Ares.

However, on the other hand, you might dislike its heavier weight and larger size. You may opt for the Athlon Argos instead!

Unfortunately, you are the only person who can make this decision. Whichever you choose, you can make sure that it is the right set of binoculars for you! Remember that you must meet your own needs!


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