Crossfire Laser Rangefinder Vs Impact Laser Rangefinder

Rangefinders can be incredibly useful tools, but there are many options available on the market. You may have trouble choosing one!


When it comes to the Crossfire laser rangefinder and the Impact laser rangefinder, the Crossfire is a solid upgrade of the Impact. For more information on why that is, read on!

Similarities Between The Crossfire And Impact Rangefinders

Despite the Crossfire rangefinder being a direct upgrade from Impact, they have several similarities. These similarities might not make Impact a better value, but they are still worth noting.


Looks aren’t everything, but the Crossfire and Impact rangefinders benefit from a similar appearance along with similar materials. Both are covered by a lifetime VIP warranty and feature various modes.


Both rangefinder models have an HCD of 127 yards, along with a line-of-sight of 131 yards. Both also come with a soft carry case, though the case of the Crossfire is a noted improvement over the Impact.


These similarities help prove that the Crossfire and the Impact are very alike when it comes to rangefinder models. However, they have many differences!

Differences Between The Crossfire And Impact Rangefinders

The Crossfire and the Impact rangefinders may have some similarities, but their differences are the most important thing to note.


These differences can emphasize just how much better the Crossfire rangefinder is than the Impact. If you are interested in purchasing a new rangefinder, this section may be the most important part of this article!


By taking a look at these differences, you can ensure that you make the right decision with your purchase. Let’s start with their weights!


When considering their weights, the Crossfire and Impact rangefinders are very close. However, Crossfire edges Impact out by less than half an ounce.


Weighing in at 5.5 ounces, the Crossfire is .3 ounces lighter than the 5.8-ounce Impact. While it may seem like a small difference, this lighter weight helps make the Crossfire easier to carry.


In terms of weight, the Crossfire is the clear winner. However, weight is not the only aspect- let’s take a look at how these two rangefinders perform!

Winner: Crossfire


The word ‘performance’ can have many meanings, but we will focus on image quality in this context.


In terms of performance and image quality, the Crossfire rangefinder once again proves itself to be an upgrade over Impact. With its HD optical system, Crossfire feeds you crisp, high-definition images that Impact cannot.


The Crossfire may have the better image quality, but you may want to know how much the Crossfire and Impact can magnify that image!

Winner: Crossfire


The results of this magnification comparison may surprise you! While the Crossfire rangefinder has beaten Impact in the past two rounds, the Impact rangefinder takes the cake here.


While the Crossfire rangefinder can only magnify its image five times, the Impact rangefinder can magnify up to six times.


This difference means that, while the Crossfire may provide a clearer image, the Impact can provide a larger one. If magnification is your main criterion, the Impact may be right for you.


However, the Crossfire rangefinder still has many more benefits to offer you than the Impact rangefinder. We will cover some more of these now, such as the range and field of view!

Winner: Crossfire

Field of View

The field of view is yet another field where the Crossfire rangefinder dominates the Impact. While the Impact rangefinder may zoom in further, the Crossfire offers a wider field of view, derived directly from its lack of zoom ability.


With this more spacious field of view, the Crossfire can make itself useful more than the Impact in many cases. Once again, the Crossfire wins this round.


However, the field of view is not the final field related to optics! Let’s cover the available range on these rangefinders.

Winner: Crossfire


When it comes to the range, the Crossfinder rangefinder has the Impact beat once again.


While the Impact rangefinder has a respectable range of 100 yards, the Crossfire comes in at a whopping 1400 yards, blowing the Impact out of the water once again.


With this range, the Crossfire has proven its superiority once again. However, let’s check out the versatility of these rangefinders- how many modes do they have?

Winner: Crossfire


When it comes to various modes that can make your rangefinder more versatile, the Crossfire has an Impact beat.


The Crossfire comes with three available modes; first mode, last mode, and normal mode. Due to this variety of available modes, the Crossfire wins once again!


However, versatility may not be your thing. You may only need a rangefinder for one specific thing! In that case, let’s look at some other advantages the Crossfire has over the Impact rangefinder, such as its display.

Winner: Crossfire


The Crossfire’s HD imaging may seem like a nice feature, but it doesn’t mean anything if its display is unreadable. Let’s see how the visuals on these rangefinders stack up.


Once again, the Crossfire triumphs! With its illuminated display, the Crossfire boasts a more aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read display so you can easily see its figures.


However, an easy-to-read display means nothing if your measurements aren’t accurate! Let’s see how well these rangefinders can measure distance.

Winner: Crossfire


Measurements may be the most important part of a rangefinder; you want your rangefinder to provide accurate distances, after all!


The Crossfire is the better rangefinder for accurate measurements, as well! The Impact rangefinder only measures full yards, meaning that it provides a rougher measurement.


However, the Crossfire provides a .1-yard measurement, providing accurate measurements to the fraction of a yard.


Let’s see one final advantage that the Crossfire has- speed!

Winner: Crossfire


If you need to read a distance fast, the Crossfire is your best option. While the Impact rangefinder has a time of one second, the Crossfire is faster, with a time of .5 seconds.


With its speed being almost twice as fast as the Impact rangefinder, it is clear that the Crossfire is the winner!


This final measure helps prove that the Crossfire is a direct upgrade over the Impact Laser Rangefinder.

Winner: Crossfire


Ultimately, it’s not hard to see that the Crossfire laser rangefinder is a direct upgrade from the Impact laser rangefinder.


The Crossfire outclasses the Impact in almost every aspect except for magnification. If you are in the market for a new rangefinder, consider Crossfire!


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