Holosun EPS Review

Optics are an excellent addition to your firearm, and there are many options. The Holosun EPS is a popular red dot optic, providing quality features among a massive pool of red dot optics. This review will discuss everything you need to know about the Holosun EPS.

What is the Holosun EPS Designed For?

The Holosun EPS exists for a specific purpose. It’s made for compact and subcompact handguns, though it can also be used on a shotgun or carbine at home. It’s reliable and will serve you well, no matter what it’s mounted on.


Next, let’s talk about the key features and specifications. These items show what the Holosun EPS can do.

Key Features and Specifications

The Holosun EPS weighs one ounce, allowing a lightweight addition to any firearm. It also has an RMS Shield Footprint and various screws to ensure the product will easily attach to the top of any firearm.


This optic comes with a CR1620, which will sustain a maximum battery life of 5,000 hours. It’s a decent battery with a quality lifespan before a necessary recharge.


The dimensions are another thing to consider. The Holosun EPS is 1.62 inches long, .95 inches wide, and 1.07 inches tall. The window size is .58 x .77 inches for an optimal viewing experience.


There are eight brightness settings in the Holosun EPS. It comes with eight brightness settings and four-night vision options. The interior dot size comes in 2 MOA, 6 MOA, or a 2 MOA with a 32 MOA ring, and you can get the reticle in red or green.


Overall, the Holosun EPS has excellent specifications. It’s a good size and will work multiple times of the day with many lighting settings.


Next, let’s talk about the footprint available with the Holosun EPS.


The Holosun EPS mounts on guns with the Sig Sauer RomeoZero, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Holosun K, and RMSx mounting plates or optic cuts. Look for these if you want an excellent fit for your optic.


The battery life impacts how long you can use the device on the go. Let’s dive into battery life next.

Battery Life

The total battery life on the Holosun EPS is 5,000 hours, which comes out to around 200 days. Although it doesn’t have the extensive five-year battery life of the competing Holosun 507k, it will still last more than half a year before it needs changing.


You will find the battery door on the right side of the Holosun EPS. You can access it without taking off the red dot.

Enclosed Emitter

The enclosed emitter system of the Holosun EPS is a valuable addition. The glass and projected light are enclosed, rather than being exposed to the elements like in other optics. This protection allows fewer troubles if you use it in dusty areas or on rainy days.


An open emitter will have severe issues if water or dust lands in the wrong area on the device. It can cause small dots or partial dots.


Now, let’s discuss the reticle on the Holosun EPS.


The reticle on the Holosun EPS is what helps you see. There is a 6 MOA dot, which is ideal for most people. It’s a crisp object, round, and easy to use to center on your target.


The glass on the EPS is slightly blue. This coloration is common on red dots and helps the color stand out when centering it on a target.


Let’s take a look at the brightness adjustment.

Brightness Adjustment

The brightness adjustment is helpful on the Holosun EPS. As we mentioned earlier, there are eight different brightness settings. These make it simple to use your optic at night or day.


You will find the brightness adjustment on the optic’s left side. It’s ideal for right-handed shooters but could become an issue for those who use their left hand. Lefties will find the adjustments on the outside of the optic rather than the inside.


The highest end of the brightness is way up there, while the lower end only helps if you are shooting in a pitch-black scenario. Use the settings wisely.


Next, let’s dive into the Holosun EPS testing. We examine items like reliability, shooting, and parallax to ensure the quality of the product.

Testing The Holosun EPS

Reliability Test

Reliability is vital in an optic, and we put the Holosun EPS under strenuous tests to see how it would do. We slammed the EPS to the ground, then dropped the unloaded gun to land with the red dot down. Once it had undergone this pressure, we tested the shooting precision.


After loading and shooting the weapon, we set up for a target twenty-five yards away. There was minimal damage to the housing. When shooting, the Holosun EPS continued to perform reliably and seemed undisturbed by the inflicted damage.


The Holosun EPS is reliable, even when slammed against the ground. Next, let’s dive into its shooting ability.


The EPS has a much smaller window than other similar optics like the DeltaPoint Pro, Romeo3Max, and the SRO. However, smaller ones can be better in many cases. When using the EPS Carry, the small window makes it simple to keep track of the dot and put it right on the target.


Next, let’s talk about the parallax testing we performed on the Holosun EPS.


Parallax is another vital component when considering the Holosun EPS. If the product is placed at the leftmost edge of the glass, there is zero shift at a twenty-five-yard distance. Overall, there wasn’t much shift in the system with our testing, providing an excellent shot without parallax for the user.


Next, let’s wrap up our review of the Holosun EPS.


Overall, the Holosun EPS is an excellent option for an optic. It’s a quality choice if you want an optic with an enclosed emitter and 5,000 hours of battery life. It will provide excellent value for your money.


Holosun is one of the top manufacturers on the market. They are designed to last and will provide excellent use every single time.


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