Steiner Nighthunter C35 Vs S35

If you hunt at night, you need a riflescope with the ability to see in the dark. Two of the most popular choices are the Steiner Nighthunter C35 and S35 - each offers different features which can make it tricky to determine the best options. Let’s compare the two.

Physical Properties

First, let’s dive into the physical properties of each riflescope. These determine what you must do to use the riflescope and what you can expect when you invest in one of these for your hunting needs.


Here are the physical properties of the Steiner Nighthunter C35:


  • Durability with well-built optics
  • 35 mm lens
  • Manual objective focus
  • Water and fog proof housing for the weather
  • Recoil resistant
  • Bulky and heavy addition, despite its usefulness
  • Lithium-ion 18650 batteries


You will find the same physical properties in the S35.


There are many excellent physical properties in the Steiner Nighthunter C35 and S35. Now, let’s talk more about what sets the two apart. The best place to start is with the weight of each product.


The weight of a riflescope is critical. It can determine how you carry your rifle and how accurately you can move the weapon to hit a target. The heavier the riflescope, the trickier it is to use.


Here are the weights you will see:


  •     C35 Clip-On: About 792 grams
  •     S35: About 1,020 grams


The C35 clip-on model is a little lighter.


If you want a standard model, the S35 offers a decent weight for its size. However, the C35 clip-on is much easier to manipulate and line up thanks to its design and weight. Let’s move on to battery life.

Battery Life

The battery life is another crucial item to consider with a thermal riflescope. If the battery runs out on the hunt, you won’t be able to see anything in the dark. The best rifle scope has a battery that can last at least a few hours.


Here are the anticipated battery lives with each thermal selection:


  •     C35 clip-on: 2.5 hours of battery before a recharge
  •     S35: 5.5 hours of battery before a recharge


There is a massive difference between the batteries of each thermal riflescope.


Although the S35 scope is much bigger than the clip-on, the size comes with benefits in the battery area. The S35 lasts three hours longer than the smaller C35, making it the winner in this category.

Optical Properties

Next, let’s consider the optical properties of each riflescope. The more you can see, the more helpful this tool will be in the dark.


Both options have a 680x480px thermal sensor, 12-micron pitch size, smooth automatic calibration, and Steiner high-speed software. The Steiner S35 has nine reticle options and five bullet or rifle profiles.


The Steiner Nighthunter S35 allows users to detect wild boars past 1,800 meters or 2,000 yards. In comparison, human recognition is possible at 450 meters or 500 years. This scope permits excellent vision, practical for search-and-rescue and surveillance missions in the dark.


We recommend the S35 for optical properties. It can catch much more than the C35 competitor. Next, let’s discuss the screen offered on each product.


The screen determines how easy it is to use the technology on a riflescope. The better the screen, the easier it will be to understand what you are working within the dark


Both riflescopes have a high-quality OLED display, a 50hx frame rate, picture-in-picture format, and six color palettes. One might be smaller than the other, but both have quality built inside for the modern experience.


The pixels tell a different story. The S35 riflescope offers a 1024 x 768-pixel display, while the C35 clip-on has an 800x600 version. There is a heightened difference between the two.


Let’s dive into the pixels of each pair next. The more you can see, the easier your hunting or searching experience will be. One is much better than the other in this department.


Pixels might not seem like a big deal, but they can make a difference when examining the display of a riflescope. Let’s discuss what you can anticipate with each version.


The S35 riflescope has 1024 x 768 pixels on the screen, allowing for detailed visuals. It’s an excellent option if you want a bigger visual with your binoculars.


The C35 clip-on has an 800x600 pixel display. This option is much worse and doesn’t come near in quality. The S35 is the winner.


Advanced features are another item to consider. Let’s look at these components next to determine the winner.

Advanced Features

Advanced features allow tactical binoculars to rise above and beyond, far above traditional riflescopes. These are also critical to consider if you want to get the most for your money.


Both pairs offer a stadiametric laser rangefinder, video recording, and snapshot capture, 16GB internal storage, and 2.54 GHz Wi-Fi. These can come in handy when attempting to determine what you are seeing through the eyepiece.


Each rifle scope also allows access to the Steiner Connect mobile app, making it simple to work with what you are seeing. The Nighthunter C35 and S35 are advanced tools that can make it much easier to access hunting and other needs in the dark.


To get the bigger picture, it’s vital to examine the technical data sheet. Let’s dive into the details next.

Technical Data Sheet

The technicalities can help interested buyers get a better idea of what a model offers. Many pieces go into each product and placing them next to each other makes it easier to determine which product is the best.


Here are a few technical items you can anticipate with the Steiner Nighthunter C35:


  •     Model: Steiner Nighthunter C35 Clip-On
  •     SKU: 9522
  •     Lens: 35 mm F1.0
  •     Sensor: 640 X 480 @ 12 μm
  •     Display: 800x600 0.4-inch OLED
  •     Detection range: 1800m (human) / 4400m (vehicle)
  •     Recognition range: 450m (human) / 1100m (vehicle
  •     Weight: 792 grams (27.93oz)
  •     Battery life: 2.5 hours


It’s an excellent model for any needs in the dark.


Here are a few technical items you can expect with the Steiner Nighthunter S35 scope:


  •     Model: Steiner S35 Scope
  •     SKU: 9521
  •     Lens: 35 mm F1.0
  •     Sensor: 640 x 480@12μm
  •     Display: 1024x768 0.4-inch OLED
  •     Detection range: 1800m (human) / 4400m (vehicle)
  •     Recognition range: 450m (human) / 1100m (vehicle)
  •     Weight: 1020 grams (36 oz)
  •     Battery life: 5.5 hours


These make for an excellent product


We recommend the S35 rifle scope option. It weighs more, but the battery lasts longer, and the display screen is larger. Still, if you want something compact, the C35 has the same detection abilities wrapped into a smaller package.

Price & Warranty Info

The last item to consider is the price and warranty info of each product. Price is a big deal and the first factor many hunters consider. One riflescope is much cheaper than the other which could be a deal breaker for interested buyers.


You can find the C35 riflescope for $3,999 for the clip-on version and $4,999 for the traditional model. The S35 is available for $6,599.99 for the regular version and $6,599.99 for the clip-on option.


The difference is at least $600 when considering both rifle scope options. If you want to save money, go with the C35 riflescope to keep more funds in your pocket.


Now that we’ve gone over the details of each product, which comes out on top? Which is the better option for interested hunters?


Although the C35 and S35 are excellent choices, we think the S35 is the better choice for your money. It costs a little more, but you get tons of excellent features that will make your hunting experience much better.


If price is an issue, go with the C35. It’s still an excellent riflescope and will keep more money in your pocket.



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